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You can also opt to fix the position of the box on the page or tie it to the copy around it, so that if the copy moves, so does the box.

Use newslettegs Word Art sparingly. You can use these characters to liven up a page, option avoid going mcirosoft A little of this sort of eye candy goes a long way. Adding images, charts, and other content By now you may have noticed that Text tools take up only a small area on the Insert ribbon, since there are so many other items you can add to spruce up the look and impact of a document. Images are an obvious choice. Current versions of Word include tools that let you perform basic image editing from within the app. As with the text box, you start by placing the cursor in the area where you want the image to appear.

You can drag an image anywhere you want to use it in your document. A couple of things will happen: The image will appear in your document—if not exactly where you intended, close enough so that you can easily drag it to where you want it.

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You can also make fine adjustments with arrow keys when the image is in moving mode. At the same time, the Picture Tools ribbon will appear, filled with options for everything from cropping to artistic effects and frames. As with text boxes, you also get an icon next to the image that gives you choices for how it fits into the text. SmartArt lets you insert complex diagrams. Word also has special tools for inserting shapes for simple diagramsSmartArt for more complicated business diagramsand even Excel-style charts that you create on the fly.

Work with a template...

The newest graphic element in the Insert ribbon is the Screenshot icon: Top of Page Make design changes to the layout On the Page Design tab, click Options, and then click the number of columns that you want on each page. On the inside pages Bdst example, pages 2 and 3 of a 4-page newsletter microsofr, the Select a page to modify option appears. Click Usimg inside page or Right usng page, and then, mictosoft each page, mircosoft one nrwsletters the following formats: Top of Page Work with the text If you already created a business information set, your business uskng information and logo will automatically replace some of the placeholder text.

Business information does not automatically replace the placeholder microdoft in templates that you download from Newslettsrs Online. To replace the placeholder names, addresses, and logos with your business information, click the smart tag button for a business information item, such as the company name or address, and then click Update from Business Information Set. The smart tag button appears when you microssoft to text or a logo. For each block optione placeholder text, do one of the following: Select the placeholder text, and then type.

Mailigen Price: Mailjet To send transactional emails and newsletters together If microsott looking for a service to send emails directly from your app, Mailjet 's a transactional email service that's ready to deliver as many notification, invoice, shipping status, and other routine emails as you need. It's also great at sending email newsletters, with its Campaigns tool. You can use its built-in email designer to customize your email style and build templates for both your newsletters and your routine transactional emails. It's a handy way to handle all of your company's emails from one service, letting your developers send messages from your app the way that's easiest for them while also letting designers and writers update emails without having to dive into code.

Mailjet Price: MailUp To cost-effectively email large audiences Email newsletter apps all let you grow your list over time, as long as you upgrade—but will you be able to afford emailing tens-of-thousands of followers? MailUp makes larger lists easier on your budget as long as you're not in a rush to send your messages. You'll select how many messages you need to send each month, then choose how soon your emails need to be sent—the slower, the cheaper. That comes along with a rich email editor, tools to organize your contacts, and even SMS and social network marketing to reach your audience on the go. It's an email app designed to send your marketing messages even to the largest audiences.

MailUp Price: Revue To build emails from curated content Most email newsletter apps let you either make a new email newsletter each time, or automatically generate a new email from your site's new blog posts. Revue takes a different approach. Its emails are built from content you curate into a news email, with links to your and others' content. Save articles and videos with its browser add-on, or connect your RSS feed, Twitter account, and more to pull in more content you've already shared. When you're ready to send an email, Revue shows each content item you've saved in the sidebar, where you can drag-and-drop them into your email. You can then customize the description, and add additional sections and dividers to organize your email.

It's one of the fastest ways to build a weekly news email from existing content. Revue Price: Sendicate To draft letter-style emails and send them when you're ready Looking for a very simple way to send emails? Sendicate just might be the app for you. Its interface is stripped down to be focused just on your emails, with an editor that lets you pick the sections you want to add to your emails and fill in content without any clutter.

There are still themes for your emails, but they're tucked away behind a menu so you can focus on your content. Then, you can draft emails in advance to make sure they look great, and then send them when you're ready. That's easy with a draft section on Sendicate's dashboard that shows your emails complete with their header photo and subject. You can segment your audience with simple search filters, and schedule emails to be sent at the time and date of your choice. And with simple, typography focused templates, you can be sure your emails will always look great. Sendicate Price: SendinBlue To send email newsletters to your eCommerce store customers Want an email and SMS marketing tool that can integrate with your site?

SendinBlue is an app that's designed for just that. With WordPress, WooCommerce, PrestaShop, and Magento plugins, as well as an API to connect to in-house apps, SendinBlue can work directly with your eCommerce store to mmicrosoft email newsletters, newslettdrs campaignsand transactional emails from your site. You can design your own email templates or import an HTML page to send as an email, then use those templates for all of your emails. Microosft can also market to your users on the go opions its integrated SMS marketing. Mirosoft its site integration, you can see what usijg customers do on your site and what products they've purchased, then micrlsoft via email or SMS automatically or put them on new mailing lists based uslng their interests.

And, you can use the same tool to let everyone know about your latest news and deals. SendinBlue Price: Sendloop To write emails in a standard email app-style editor If you've already tried another email newsletter app and want something different, you'll want to be able to move your lists and not have to start over from scratch. Sendloop lets you do just that with its migration assistant to import contacts from a number of email services or even a zip file. It can also import HTML email template you're already using. When you're ready to send an email to your list, it's as easy as sending a reply in Outlook or Gmail. Sendloop's editor show your From address and Subject line at the top, lets you pick your subscriber list in the To field, then type in your email with rich or plain text.

If you need to edit photos, there's a built-in Creative Cloud-powered editor for simple Photoshop tools in your browser. Sendloop Price: Tinyletter To send email letters for free If you want the simplest way to send an email newsletter, and don't have more than 5, subscribers, you can't get any simpler than Tinyletter. An insanely simple email newsletter app from the MailChimp team, Tinyletter has no email templates, no integrations with other apps, and almost no features—it's the only app on this list that doesn't include Zapier integrations.

All it lets you do is make a landing page for people to signup, then write text-focused emails and send them to your subscribers in a click. It's the simplest way to get your message out, then get back to everything else you need to do.

Then, if you end up needing more, it's easy to migrate your lists to MailChimp and grow from there. Tinyletter Price: Free for sending unlimited emails to 5, subscribers VerticalResponse To see how your message is received on email and social Full-featured email apps don't have to be complicated and confusing to use. VerticalResponse proves that with its clean, simple interface that makes it simple to make beautiful emails and send them to your contacts. You can use its pre-made templates, add your own photos complete with filters, and then turn the templates into both emails and matching signup forms.

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Your emails will look great everywhere, since the templates are designed to look great on mobile, and you can have your newsletters automatically shared on Facebook. Once your announcements have gone out, you can come back and check nfwsletters stats from newsetters your emails and your social network shares, and see what interactions that campaign brought in. VerticalResponse Price: Vision6 To segment Bewt subscribers in a spreadsheet-like table One of the easiest ways to manipulate data is by uslng it into a spreadsheet. Almost pit can then easily sort the data and quickly find similar segments. Vision6 lets mcirosoft do this with your contacts, with a spreadsheet-like interface to filter your contacts.

Instead of having to set filters and hope they pick the right people, you can see every field in your contact details, sort by the item you want, then select contacts and turn them into a new segment in seconds. Then, you can use Vision6 to reach those contacts wherever they are. Right along with your email updates, you can schedule SMS and social media messages to go out at the same time. Without having to schedule a blog post and remember to post online at the same time, you can spread the word about your latest deals and promotions everywhere with Vision6. Vision6 Price: Build Your Own Email Newsletter App Email newsletter apps that do everything from design to list management to email delivery in one app are typically the best option.

They're especially cost effective with smaller lists, and save you enough time to pay for yourselves. For many types of software—file sharing, projects, and content management or eCommerce especially—it often makes sense to self-host apps, customize them for your needs, and run them from your own server once your company's large enough. Not email.

The 25 Best Email Marketing Apps

Sending emails from your own server simply is too much trouble for all but the largest companies. You'll likely see your emails blocked by spam filters, or your servers swamped when you send messages to a large list. But there's a happy medium if you'd like more control. You can host your own email app, and then use a transactional email sending service —including Amazon SES, Mailchimp's Mandrill, SendGrid, and Mailgun—to send your messages. That gives you the flexibility of an app that you control, the cost savings of bulk email sending, and the confidence of sending emails with a dedicated service that delivers your messages to any email app, anywhere.

Here are some great options: Sendy To self-hosted your email newsletter tool For a self-hosted app to send beautiful email newsletters, look no further than Sendy. Once it's up and running, you can create rich email newsletters with your own templates, use autoresponders to automatically send emails, and track stats on your email marketing. What's more, you can setup multiple brands inside your Sendy account. That lets you send emails to all the list you need for multiple products or companies. You can even white label Sendy, give your clients access, and host your own email sending service for each of them. Sendy might not just save you money on sending emails; it might make you money, too.

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