Before commencing building work

You might be surprised to know that some renovation projects can be more complicated than a new build. Talk to your council to wodk a coommencing understanding of your land, how your ideas will fit and whether you'll need a building consent, resource consent or any other permits. The council can also produce a project information memorandum PIMa report specific to your project that can make planning and design easier and more accurate. As your ideas come together, think again about what you can afford and how you will pay for it.

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When you're choosing people to do the work, you need ckmmencing think about: There are advantages and disadvantages in doing the work yourself. It might seem cheaper but you need to know what you are doing and your work must still comply with the Building Code. Understand your land includes some things you might need to consider. Get the right person outlines why you might need specialists.

Get your design right Brief your designer well, telling them what you want and how much you have to spend. Agree comencing concept drawings. Once you have the full design, go through buildinv in great detail. Try to consider it from every angle, time of day and stage of life including: Your plans form the basis of your building consent application, if you need one. You can change them after building consent has been issued, by talking to your council, but there will be time delays and could be additional costs. Contractor shall prepare minutes of both the progress meetings and the administrative meetings with Owner and shall distribute minutes of such meetings to Owner and all attendees.

Owner and its agent s shall at all times, have access or Contractor shall provide facilities for access to the Work whenever and wherever it is in preparation or progress. Corridors, doorways and exits, shall be kept free of all materials at all times.

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If Submittals are required by the Agreement, Submittals shall comply with the Agreement Documents and shall contain such information as bbuilding by Owner or Architect. No portion of the Work for bui,ding a Submittal is required shall be purchased, fabricated, manufactured or constructed until Owner or its agent has approved the respective Submittal, unless otherwise directed to proceed by Owner. Review and approval of Submittals shall not relieve submitting entities of their responsibility to verify all dimensions, field conditions, quantities, and measurements, to coordinate with contiguous parts of the Work and otherwise comply with the Agreement Documents.

Approval of Submittals does not authorize changes to Specification requirements. Contractor shall be responsible for any errors in the Submittals.

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Get your permits. You should have some idea builidng of filing for permits about the length of the process, which will allow you to identify a likely start date for your project. Permit fees can range from a few hundred dollars to thousands of dollars, depending on where you live and how big your project is. How to Pass a Design Review 6. Ready, set By the time the contract is signed, your contractor will have identified the longer-lead items like cabinets, windows, doors, tile and sometimes plumbing or electrical fixtures and may even have them on order ahead of the start of construction, depending on the timing of your project.

What to Look for in a Contractor's Contract By the time all of these steps are complete, it may be four to six months or even more since you started talking with design professionals. That investment of time on the front end means your entire construction team — design professional, contractor and you — can start the project on the same page with a clearly articulated plan. Step 4: If they don't have any, you might want to think about getting your own cover. Insurance-backed warranties or guarantees - you can buy one of these as part of the cost of the work, if the contractor offers it.

Your insurance - what to check If you have home or contents insurance, contact your insurer to check you'll be covered Beford the Beforr. You may have to pay more for your insurance during and after the work. They might suggest that you take out joint insurance with the contractor. You might feel more secure knowing you have insurance in place in case of any damage or if anything goes missing. If so, this needs to be made absolutely clear.

Legally Speaking: Commencement of Construction

A good set of drawings that meets the regulations is important, but pairing these drawings with a simple written document or schedule of the works means that you can be absolutely clear as to what you want the builders to quote for in their price. Danny Buildlng Architect Find a balance You can, of course, go much further with the detail, producing a full set of construction drawings and specifying every nail and screw, but the cost of producing such information can often be disproportionate to the scale of the project. Invariably, such problems occur as a result of poor information and communication up front.

If a price and timescale is agreed on the basis of a good set of drawings and a clear schedule of the works, the opportunities for arguments, overruns, stress and budget problems while work is proceeding are much diminished.

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