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For example: Watch the video below to learn more buying back your short options. How to Trade Smarter Know when to buy back your short options. If your short option gets way OTM and you can buy it back to take the risk off the table profitably, do it.

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One of these days, a short option will bite you back because you waited too long. Failure to Factor Upcoming Optoin Not all events in the markets are foreseeable, but there are two crucial events to keep track of when trading options: This is especially true if the dividend is expected to be large. To collect, the option trader must exercise the option and buy the underlying stock. Watch the video below to learn how to factor upcoming events. How to Trade Smarter Be sure to factor upcoming events.

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For example, you must know the ex-dividend date. See Mistake 8 below for more information on spreads. Sound familiar? Most experienced options traders have been burned by this scenario, too, and learned the hard way. Watch the video below to learn more legging into spreads.

Trade a spread as a single trade. For example, you might buy a call and then try to time the sale of another call, hoping to squeeze a little higher price out of the second leg. You could be stuck with a long call and no strategy to act upon. Always, always treat a spread as a single trade. You want to get into the trade before the market starts going down. Not Knowing What to Do When Assigned If you sell options, just remind yourself occasionally that you can be assigned early, before the expiration date. Lots of new options traders never think about assignment as a possibility until it happens to them. Beginning traders might panic and exercise the lower-strike long option to deliver the stock.

Then you can deliver the stock to the option holder at the higher strike price. Early assignment is one of those truly emotional often irrational market events. It just happens. Watch the video below to learn about early assignment. The best defense against early assignment is to factor it into your thinking early. Otherwise it can cause you to make defensive, in-the-moment decisions that are less than logical. It can help to consider market psychology. For example, which is more sensible to exercise early?

A put or a call? Exercising a put or a right to sell stock, means optkon trader will sell the stock and get cash. Also ask yourself: Do you want your cash rigght or at expiration? Sometimes, people will want cash now versus cash later. That means puts are usually more susceptible to early exercise than calls. Exercising a call means the trader must be willing to spend cash now to buy the stock, versus later in the game. For example, if there is major unforeseen news event in a company, it could rock the stock for a few days.

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Set an expiration date how long the contract stays open. When selecting this time frame, it really depends on your view. Think of it as buying time to see if the stock turns around. I usually go out three months to assess the stock and allow the company to release another earnings report.

Pay attention o;tion the price. This is how much the protective put optiin will cost. The less you spend, the better. And sometimes you can spend a lot less by waiting a day or two before placing the trade. One more important note: Keep in mind that one options contract covers shares of a stock. So, buy one protective put option on a stock that you own at least shares of. Then for every shares you own, you can buy an additional put option. I was ready to exit. But I never just exit a stock.

I buy a protective put option on it instead. The only use of gold is some industrial applications but those are satisfied by just a small part of its production and this demand plays no role in its price. The value of gold has always been driven by the fear that other asset classes will lose value. Does that mean no one should ever invest in gold? I would say anyone who reads this newspaper should never do so. If you have access to a modern financial system with all its options of a large variety of asset classes, then you should not invest in gold.

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Gold makes sense only for those who have no access to or trust in the irght system. Gold is best viewed as tight alternate currency. You must remember how during the demonetisation, there were stories of housewives who secretly squirreled away large amounts of cash. I know of one who had kept more than Rs 10 lakh safe from a do-nothing husband. It would have maintained value better than cash, and as it turned out, would have been safe from being demonetised. In the last years, many parts of the world have undergone some kind of an upheaval that has led to a breakdown of society and institutions.

In these circumstances, physical gold is a currency that can survive when paper currencies do not.

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