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What is the Directive on Copyright? The European Union Directive on Copyright in the Digital Single Market is a proposed European Union directive that is designed to limit how copyrighted content is shared on online platforms. EU directives are a form of legislation that set an objective for member states to achieve, so if the Directive on Copyright passess, all EU member states will be expected to eventually pass their own domestic legislation in line with the terms of the directive. Advertisement The Directive on Copyright and its most controversial component, Article 13, would require online platforms to filter or remove copyrighted material from their websites. The Directive on Copyright would make online platforms and aggregator sites liable for copyright infringements, and supposedly direct more revenue from tech giants towards artists and journalists.

Read next The stateless limbo of Shamima Begum opens a nasty can of worms By Amit Katwala Proponents of the Directive on Copyright argue that this means that people are listening to, watching and reading copyrighted material without the creators being properly paid for it.

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Advertisement While the amended version of the Directive on Copyright is made up of 17 individual articles, the most substantial and controversial points are Article 13 and Article 11, so let's go into a little more dept on those. Article 13 aka "the meme ban" explained This is the part of the Directive on Copyright that has most people worried. So what does it mean? Boiled down, all this article is saying is that any websites that host large amounts of user-generated content think YouTube, Twitter and Facebook are responsible for taking down that content if it infringes on copyright.

No one can quite agree how these platforms are expected to identify and remove this content. The system then allows them to either block the video or monetise it by running advertising against it.

Article 13 aka "the meme ban" explained

It's an already unpopular system due to its propensity for false positives and abuse, and this would be heightened if potentially infringing videos could not be uploaded at all. The final wording of Article 13 sets out exactly which platforms will need upload filters and which ones won't. The only way a site that hosts user-generated content can avoid putting in place a upload filter is if it fulfils all three of the following criteria: As you can probably guess, this means a huge number of sites — from fishing forums to niche social networks — that will need to install upload filters.

No one is really sure how this one would work either.

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What is Article 13? The EU's divisive new copyright plan explained

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