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So unless you're gonna post it yourself,chances are small someone else will I am the change in the market that causes you to lose: FxMasterGuru posted: So unless you're gonna post it yourself,chances are small someone else will I guess you are right. It was mainly a theoretical question to see and SHOW to the public what are the real chances of 'Average Trader Joe' to make a living by trading Forex. And probably it is fantastic, as for now, nobody could show such a strategy. Just think about it And we are still not talking about becoming rich and moving to St.

So assuming that such a succesful 'Average Trader Joe' exists, he has to recruit investors via any possible means, for which MyFxBook would be the best forum. But where is our successful 'Average Trader Joe'???? So far we could not find him. Instead, we look for buy and sell signals once the dust settles. In other words, we let the price action indicate whether the news release was bullish or bearish. The only way to do that is to let the market make the first move. Trying to outsmart the market or front run a news event will usually result in a loss. One reason many traders get in too early is because of the fear of missing out, or FOMO as some call it.

Always start with the risks when analyzing any market. I would argue that most traders are aware of that. However, knowing something exists and knowing how to fix it are entirely different. Neither one of those is a good thing. Like everything we do as traders, it comes down to what suits you best.

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Use a Mean Reversion Tool Buy low and sell high. And you know what? Unfortunately, most Forex retail traders do the opposite. They buy high and sell low. Personally, I use the 10 and 20 EMAs for this purpose.

They serve as a mean reversion tool. If the market is trading well above these averages, I want to avoid kps regardless ttader any bullish signal that forms. The same applies to selling a market that is trading well below the two averages. Once you know that tradsr market always reverts to the mean, you too can buy low and sell high. It involves the neurotransmitter called dopamine. Think back to the last time you had a filling meal. Remember that feeling? Or how about the times when your favorite sports team wins an important game.

Events like these create an influx of dopamine in our brain. Guess what? Taking risks such as skydiving out of a plane or risking money in the financial markets gives us the same feeling. Even drugs like cocaine work by squeezing more dopamine out of the brain. Although trading and using cocaine are on opposite ends of the spectrum, they both trigger an increase in dopamine. It also leaves you coming back for more.

A realistic look at returns for forex traders

Hence the reason most people overtrade. Always remember that taking risks, whether it be in the markets or the casino, can be exciting, but it can also be addictive. I get it. Those just starting out in the Forex market see this movement as opportunity. I see it as risk. Events like the two I just mentioned are very good at one thing—setting you up for a loss. There are simply too many variables to succeed at trading this type of volatility. The odds are not in your favor when you do this. Instead, wait for a price action signal such as a pin bar or engulfing pattern. These formations typically develop after a news event and allow you to profit from the movement without exposing your account to the volatility.

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The truth is that there are a million different ways geturn trade any market. Just think of the thousands of technical indicators out there along with the different time frames and methodologies. However, do you know what they all have in common? They found a trading style that fits their personality. Look at any successful trader and you will see an approach that resonates with who they are as a person. Rather, their mannerisms carved a style of trading that compliments their personality. Heck, even price action is nothing new.

You have to find something that meshes with your personality and then make it your own. You will know how to make it your own through trial and error. There are no magic tricks or shortcuts to this process. Seek Out Market Inefficiencies Are markets efficient or not?

The idea that financial markets are efficient is downright absurd in my opinion. Why do I have such an extreme view of Efficient Market Hypothesis? Because people are irrational. We do so by using technical patterns, trend analysis, and candlestick formations. The study of mean reversion also goes hand-in-hand with the topic of market efficiency. If you can learn to identify a market that is overextended and perhaps at an inefficient price, you will be lightyears ahead of the competition.

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This is the most important question you can ask yourself. It holds the key to why you make mistakes such as trading too frequently or risking too much. You have to love Forex trading if you intend to make consistent profits. There are a million ways to make money in this world, and trading just so happens to be one of the most difficult. The money is just an added bonus. Final Words The Forex trading tips you just read are a compilation of more than a decade of experience.

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