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It will also indicate possible losses, wins, maximum drawdown, and the risk and reward that are possible. But if they do then this is a sure fire sign that the robot is really pretty worthless. But this figure is very deceiving, and you should take a look at the bottom of the page to find out whether the results are based on real time or simulated trading. As there is a big difference between results in real time trading, where markets can be very chaotic, and simulated trading where parameters are strictly controlled. You should also bear in mind that simulated trading can easily be manipulated so that the Forex robot comes out a winner every time. Whereas real-time trading results show the true performance of Forex auto trading.

Limitations regarding order size — It is a good idea to test how a robot handles a variety of order sizes, as many work brilliantly if they stick with a certain order size, but things can go awry when there is a change in order size. Check the robot gives equal results whether the order size is 2, 20 or lots. Drawdown — Not all traders are the same. Check the drawdown of any robot you are considering using, and that means on a per trade basis, and also consecutive drawdowns. Decide on your own personal level of drawdown and find a Forex automated trading robot that matches your requirements. System credibility — Always check out a good number of reviews and testimonials.

Find out how long the system has been running.

Good or Bad? Let’s Help You Decide with a Helpful Guide to Forex Robots

Ideally it should be at least a couple of years old. Doing a sensible amount of this kind of research is going to pay off in the long run. The advantages and disadvantages of automated trading systems You may well be considered using an automated trading system to assist with your Forex trading. Advantages of Forex auto trading Emotions can be kept in check — There is no real place for emotion in Forex trading, and by using an auto-trading system this problem can be completely removed. With a Forex automated trading system orders will be executed automatically provided a number of requirements have been met.

Jonatan from Sweden says: Hey, guys!

Thank you very much for your FX robot! My account consistently grows already for 6 months and me really happy about it! Thank you so much! Patrick from the UK says: I want to say thank you for developing this Forex robot and sharing it with other people.

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It is definitely the best profit trading robot I have ever tried. You guys are the autopillot Rein from Germany says: Hi, team, I have been running the software for some time now and it is brilliant, in fact, I have unsubscribed to most other sites regarding trading software and I have happily settled with just the FX Robot. Good work and thank you for such a brilliant piece of software.

Samuel from Polish says: Thank you for developing this robot. It is absolutely the best trading robot I have ever tried. You are the best! Costin from Foeex says: Finally, I find honest people aautopilot this world hiwtory fraud. I totally trust you guys! All answers that I get was honest and the robot is fantastic. Terry from the UK says: It is worth pointing out to our potential clients and customers that there is no guarantee for specific results as it is highly likely that results may vary FAQ about Free FX Robot and dealing with the Broker Q: Where is the catch? This is a win-win situation for all the three parties.

Absolutely not. There are no fees of any kind. You will get the FX Robot from us, and from the Broker, you will get other bonuses according to what you choose.

What is minimum deposit? What returns would I expect? The return depends on the volatility of the markets and your capital. With the minimum deposit, you can profit a lot but you are at more risk since there is a minimum lot to trade 0. Who developed the FX Robot? Is there a minimum time to invest? I saw I get a one-year license, what will happen after the year? The license that you will get for free is for one year. You will get alerts from the robot in the last 30 days before the year is finished.

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Despite the pie-in-the-sky claims that forex trading software manufacturers make and the promise of profitable trades, according to the federal government, most of these software packages are a scam. Most credible business publications, such as the Wall Street Journal or Financial Times, will not even write about them, except perhaps to expose them to the general public as scams. While trading robots are often advertised with claims and testimonials from many people, many of these claims have been proven to be false, and a great number of investors have lost money using these automatic trading robots. Some people have even lost their entire trading accounts by employing an FX robot.

Even though a trading bot can scan a multitude of charts and information, many times the software will respond to incorrect information or false price spikes that a real trader would probably filter out.

While the robot can perform many highly sophisticated tasks, softwate software is still not capable of creative histiry or exercising truly good judgment. Forex robot trading software is presently limited to initiating trades based on past performance, its current programming and its parameters. In addition to the limitations previously described, a typical FX trading system does not take into account fundamental or intermarket analysis. And this could cause the trader to lose considerable sums of money in the event of an extraordinary geopolitical or economic event. Nevertheless, a seasoned trader could use an automatic system to gauge technical changes and base some of their trades on the signals generated.

Trading is a human endeavor and markets movements reflect mass human psychology. If making profitable trades was as easy as buying a trading system and letting it trade, then everyone would be sitting at home with their trading bots making a bundle, which is simply not the case. Even professionals that employ complicated algorithms with much more sophisticated computers to trade do not discount the human element and monitor their algorithmic trading programs very carefully. While these automated trading programs can be somewhat profitable at times, in the long run the only people that consistently make money from automated forex trading software are the developers themselves.

Also, many of these programs scalp the market, which means that they take small profits and set a wide stop loss, which can be disastrous for a trading account during a losing streak.

The advantages and disadvantages of automated trading systems

Another consideration is that forex market conditions change constantly and can be manipulated by the activities of central banks and large traders. A software program cannot take into consideration all of the factors that influence the direction of an exchange rate regardless of how many technical indicators it can monitor. While many people want to make money trading effortlessly, investing in a forex trading robot could cost a trader much more than their original investment. With that said, a trading robot could be useful to a trader in that it could give the trader additional insight into the market.

Click Here to Download Conclusion — Trading Robots are Probably Not Worth the Risk In conclusion, becoming a successful currency trader involves more than just installing MetaTrader, opening and funding an account at an online forex broker, and purchasing an Expert Advisor to trade for you. Instead of risking money by buying a trading robot, a novice trader is usually much better off by investing in getting a deeper education about the forex market. Such things as learning about technical and fundamental analysisdeveloping their trade plan, and trading in a demo account to test their trade ideas until they manage to find a reasonably profitable strategy they can employ in the markets.

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