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In other words, at a given time there may be several market makers participating in trade matching for a specific stock.

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Understanding the Spread What happens to the difference between the two prices? The scene can be chaotic, and it's definitely fast-paced. The highest bid price and size and lowest ask price and size are displayed from the top of the queue down. In the U. Hidden and Reserve Bids Many electronic communications networks offer the option to bid the bid price and size, making it invisible on both level 1 and level 2 quote feeds. The aggregation is for all bid orders being entered at that bid price, no matter if the bids are coming from one person bidding for 2, shares, or 2, people bidding for one share each.

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As you can see, there are numbers following the bid and ask prices, and these are sie number of shares that are pending trade at their respective prices. Why it Matters: The difference between the bid and ask price is known as the bid—ask spread. Level 2 Access[ edit ] Level 2 data displays the best bid and ask prices also known as "top-of-book" for each market participant in a given security. The difference is a loss to the investor. For example, if a security has a quoted ask size of shares at a particular ask price but an investor wants to buy 10, shares, the purchasing investor would want to observe the level 2 order book to understand the level of investor supply and how much the share price could move if there is a market order greater than the ask size.

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