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But if you do that the flames may be strong enough to burn your lungs. It may be too hot to breathe safely. Tom Cruise does his own stunts. Why are your producers so reluctant to involve you and your colleagues in the action? We use a fire truck with a foot tall ladder on the set. Cut it out. After more than 20 years in TV do you feel comfortable being called a star? I cannot release the Parking Brake when I press my pedals or the keyboard mapped function. This is how the real thing works. Our is not an immediate stop once Ctrl-P has been pressed. This is due to the correct ground friction model - once the FSX pushback "let's go", the aircraft still has some momentum and will not stop immediately like it would with stock aircraft.

I cannot see the navigation lights. I installed a new livery and I am seeing strange texture effects. Unable to install the AX and receive this error: Microsoft's Update Service on the PC is not up to date and is set to not update. If yes, have you tried deleting your Shader Cache? Yes, without any problems. Simply set all slopes to 0 when assigning and calibrating your joystick axes. Also check if any other addon is using those keys. Set these options in ASN: Set these options in AS How do I auto-hide the mouse cursor in the VC? FPS gain A: Use this AutoHideMouseCursor free program. Our support team has also noticed this. The workaround was to remove the sound card from the system and use on-board sound as this card has quite a few problems with FSX.

Rudder and NWS steering are not working and I either have separate rudder pedals or a tiller axis assigned to my joystick 1 "I only have rudder pedals - I cannot assign any separate joystick axis for steering tiller" This should be the majority of simmers - they only have a rudder axis either on their joystick or through their rudder pedals so they have assigned that to control rudders in their sim. With this setting, the rudder pedals ordinarily and normally control the rudder the same way we're used to in the simulator. They also control NWS but their effect is tiny as in the real A However, when, and for as long as the PEDAL DISC key is kept depressed with the "comma" key which can be reassigned through the Add-Ons - FSLabs - Keyboard Commands menuthe rudder pedals stop controlling the rudder axis and instead become the steering tiller this can be seen in the VC, where the tiller should turn.

That way, the rudder pedals go back to only controlling the rudder axis, as in the real aircraft and the separate steering tiller joystick axis is responsible for controlling the nose wheel steering. Once I move the tiller a tiny bit then all is ok. The sim crashes upon launching with FSL Spotlights installed. Right click on the file - dxgi. We've mentioned this issue many times to LM and we request our customers to inform LM as well.

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bwck Make sure and use the batteries or connect to ground power. Yosemite is just butt ugly. What is it with Apple and their aversion to color and depth. In iTunes 11, it was always there. Another defect which hopefully will be addressed on oprion first update is in Windows maybe Mac too it leaves a Data Execution Program notice saying ou was shut down after optkon shut it down. It eats memory as it sends reports to Microsoft, but is fully recoverable after a disk cleanup or system restore. I otion like iTunes 12s minimalist look, clean, modern, lines and the light grey colors actually bring out the color in my joge.

Back in the s, I had to contend geryed scratchy 78 rpm records, then scratchy vinyls, so this will be easy. I guess Apple felt it was critical to prevent users from actually assigning the correct gasp Genre to individual music files, even those purchased from the iTunes store! This has the effect of expecting you to download content dynamically as you select it, yet mysteriously allocates space on disk for it too. Switching back to not enabled may meanyou have allocation for both Match and your physical iTunes database. Which may not fit. A mess, usually requiring a restore and reloading all of those downloads … Nigel Green How do I switch off shuffle- There is tick next to Off and if I make the tick next to On the shuffle goes blue meaning it is on I guess and when it is next to Off the shuffle goes black again.

When I switch it off it still plays random track. Vistasp Hodiwala Damn! Really, has anyone figured it out yet? Kerry Hall shuffle is in the controls tab, pulldown http: It was disorienting at first to use it without the sidebar, and the app feels useless without it. I named the tracks for a reason. I just wish there were a key command for it like [Command-Option-i]. And I second a comment from below… Podcasts are getting hard and harder to deal with. If they want the genre to thrive, they ought to stop trying to kill it oh wait — maybe they want it to do die?

Life is so much easier that way. Flying Goose Apple is totally over thinking iTunes. I buy half as much music as I used to because opening iTunes has become aversive. I just launched v. I fondly remember a great feature they once had where you select any track in your library and you got a nice preview list of other tunes you might like to try. Once that was gone my iTunes spending plummeted. I read the online instruction on how to get Genius recommendations. It works great for tunes in my library but not for tunes in the store.

"Put Back" in trash not available when selecting multiple items.

Who on earth needs so many so called upgrades?? Are you listening Apple? Jorte you not noticed Puh steep freyed in my spending? Am getting very frustrated! Juan Pablo Hoyos iTunes 12 is very confusing. Whenever I change anything album, name, artist, or genre info it automatically goes to the top of the page meaning I have to find the track I was just on — really irritating if there is more than one thing about a track I want to change — any way to stop it from doing this or is this just punishment for getting music outside of iTunes? Actually I liked 9 best. I like album art, a lot. I like as many possible ways to access and modify my music database lets not forget, it is a database as possible.

My beloved and constantly used cover flow was gone.

Applying filters search was an ephemeral affair, what with having to constantly restart the search. As, I said, as far as I was concerned they broke it. It appears that Apple is in the process of killing it. I am so glad I waited to upgrade to 12 until I read a little about it. From what I can see, they have changed iTunes from an elegant way to allow me to enjoy my media from And that is their prerogative. It is mine to decide that iTunes is no longer what I want to use to access and play my music. I have already begun using a separate metadata editor to manage that part of my library.

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Unfortunately, there is not yet a viable player available with which I can buy to do that. I imagine one will come soon. Apple has decided that people like me are not profitable enough to get in their way as they change iTunes to an instrument of commerce to benefit their bottom line. Sad but true. I hope that software developers rapidly come forward and bring back something at least as good as I will buy it. Katie Thank you, I totally agree with you, itunes 9 was the last good version, then downhill and couter-intuitive, fewer options for personal choice from then on. I hope someone does make a program like the old itunes. I am over 50 and need the colors to distinguish groupings, such as playlists from music folder etc.

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They should at least give us a choice of using boring all grey or having a variety of colors for sidebar icons. There is greeyed way to change this in the finder, but not in Itunes 12 that I can find. But the bottom line is that it is less user-friendly and personal re: I skipped 11 and mistakenly installed Instead the short key opens up the downloads window. Anybody know how to get pass this petty but annoying problem?

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