Social security copy 787 form

It may take three to six months for Social Security to process and appoint the Substitute Payee Program as the payee.

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If whereabouts are unknown, you must immediately report this coly the Sub-Payee Program. You are expected to maintain monthly contact with clients and the facilities where the client resides. The following are examples of the types of information you must provide the Sub-Payee worker: Effective date of employment, termination date of employment, paydays, hourly wage rate, number of hours client expects to work per day or per week, work related expenses, etc. Bank accounts: If a client has their own bank account, bank statements must be submitted monthly to the Sub Payee PST. It is recommended that the mailing address on the clients account be changed to the Sub Payee P.

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Box San Leandro CA, If a client secudity to submit Soclal statements on a monthly basis, they must close their account. If the client leaves the county or the State, all payments will be stopped until all pertinent information is obtained. Clients are ineligible for the California portion of their SSI benefits when they move out of state. Hospitalizations or incarcerations, marriages, divorces, separations. Do not advise the client, or any member of their family, nor the board and care home personnel to contact the Sub-Payee Unit.

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If a client, family member, or someone from the board and care home should call our office, they forrm be referred to the case manager or contact person. We will not provide them with information. Please use the Case Manager Transfer form provided in this packet. These forms must be completed and returned by the designated date to the Sub-Payee Unit.

Case Managers now have access to the Sub Payee computer system Panoramic where a monthly report can be Soclal for secjrity client which provides financial information. This report should be reviewed monthly and any discrepancies should be reported to the PST immediately. All changes of address must be reported to the PST via a written transmittal. No changes will be processed or implemented until a transmittal is received by the PST. Transmittals received after 9: Emergency check requests or urgent information may be communicated by telephone, but must be followed up by a faxed transmittal.

This evidence usually takes the form of a statement signed by the medical source who conducted the examination or a person authorized to sign such certifications e.


For instructions regarding unsigned medical evidence, see 778 However, you may use other forms or summary reports from the medical source if they include the information as described above. Medical evidence must have a signature of the medical source who conducted the evaluation, examination, or provided the treatment, or a person authorized to sign such certifications. You must document the details of contacts with medical sources as follows: You must: How much consideration should I give to medical evidence? You must develop for up-to-date based on an evaluation, examination, or treatment within the last year medical evidence in every case when capability is questionable.

securlty Although a major factor, medical evidence is not the definitive, determining factor of capability. You must evaluate medical evidence, along with lay evidence, in order to make a sound capability determination. It is important to use good judgment to weigh the value of the medical evidence before you make a determination based on it.

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