Trading forex with macd indicators

Or they may have taken a long trade, even though the price action showed a significant downtrend foorex no signs of a reversal no higher swing highs or higher swing lows to indicate an end to the downtrend. That doesn't mean divergence can't or won't signal the occasional reversal, but it must be taken with a grain of salt after a big move. Since divergence occurs after almost every mcd move, and most big moves aren't immediately reversed right after, if you assume that divergence, in this case, means a reversal is coming, you could get yourself into a lot of losing trades. For example, if the price moves above a prior high, traders will watch for the MACD to also move above its prior high.

If it doesn't, that's a divergence or a traditional warning signal of a reversal. This signal is fallible and related to the problem discussed above. A lower MACD high-price level simply shows the price didn't have the same velocity it had last time it moved higher it may have moved less, or it may have moved slowerbut that doesn't necessarily indicate a reversal. They just wait for a fresh MACD movement for a few bars and then they enter. MACD is really good for trend trading.

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MACD has to be used as indifators confirmation only. The main indicator is the price. If you use MACD as a confirmation for support and resistance breakout, it will be a big help. Look at the below image.

How to Use the MACD Indicator

There is a trend line with valid and visible support line. You are waiting for the support macc to go short. It is above the indictors level too. So you go short at the open of the fored candlestick, set your stop loss above the high price of the last candlestick and your target will be the next support level. It goes down and hits the target very easily. Obviously, it is a new chance to take another short position, but look at the MACD and its difference with the previous position. With the previous position, MACD started going down while it was way above the zero level. It means, you would go short while market has been overbought which is a good decision.

maxd In this position belownot only MACD is not above the zero wihh, but it has already started going up and making higher lows. So the market is oversold and your sell signal is not fresh. FXTrek Intellicharts Unfortunately, the divergence trade is not very accurate, as it fails more times than it succeeds. Prices frequently have several final bursts up or down that trigger stops and force traders out of position just before the move actually makes a sustained turn and the trade becomes profitable. Figure 3 demonstrates a typical divergence fakeoutwhich has frustrated scores of traders over the years.

Figure 3: A typical divergence fakeout.

Strong divergence is illustrated by the right circle at the bottom of fotex chart by the vertical line, but traders who set their stops at swing highs would have been Trdaing out of the trade before it turned in their direction. FXTrek Intellicharts One of the reasons traders often lose with this setup is that they enter a trade on a signal from the MACD indicator but exit it based on the move in price. Since the MACD histogram is a derivative of price and is not price itself, this approach is, in effect, the trading version of mixing apples and oranges.

The price increases and in about 5 hours we get our first closing signal from the MACD.

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This trade would have brought us a total profit of 75 cents per share. To learn more about the TEMA indicator, please read this article. Stop Looking for a Quick Fix. To learn more about the TRIX, please read this article. This time, we are going to match crossovers of the moving average convergence divergence formula and when the TRIX indicator crosses the zero level. When we match these two signals, we will enter the market and await the stock price to start trending. This strategy gives us two options for exiting the market: Exiting the market when the MACD makes a cross in the opposite direction This is the tighter and more secure exit strategy.

We exit the market right after the trigger line breaks the MACD in the opposite direction. Exiting the market after the MACD makes a cross, followed by the TRIX breaking the zero line This is a riskier exit strategy because if there is a significant change in trend, we are in our position until the zero line of the TRIX is broken. Since the TRIX is a lagging indicator, it might take a while for that to happen. At the end of the day, your trading style will determine which option best meets your requirements. Now look at this example, where I show the two cases: The first green circle shows our first long signal, which comes from the MACD.

The second green circle highlights when the TRIX breaks zero and we enter a long position. The two red circles show the contrary signals from each indicator. Note in the first case, the moving average convergence divergence gives us the option for an early exit, while in the second case, the TRIX keeps us in our position.

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Using the first exit strategy, we would have generated a profit mwcd 50 cents per share, while the alternative approach brought us 75 cents per share. For those unfamiliar with the awesome oscillatoris obviously an oscillator, but it's jndicators oscillator without boundaries. It's simply the difference of a 5-period simple moving average and a period simple moving average. To learn more about the awesome oscillator, please visit this article. We will both enter and exit the market only when we receive a signal from the MACD, confirmed by a signal from the AO. The challenging part of this strategy is that often we will receive only one signal for entry or exit, but not a confirming signal.

Have a look at the example below: The two green circles give us the signals we need to open a long position. After going long, the awesome oscillator suddenly gives us a contrary signal. In this case we expect the price to exhaust in its decrease and to initiate a new bullish move.

In the green rectangle on the image above you see a case where the fast MACD line gains a relatively big distance from the red signal line. This indicates an oversold MACD signal. The price of the Forex pair increases afterwards. You can also trade effectively by using MACD in combination with price action analysis. The indicator is attached at the bottom of the price graph. The image starts with a bearish divergence between the price action and the MACD indicator. As you see, the price creates higher highs, while the tops of the MACD indicator are decreasing blue. The two MACD lines cross afterwards and the price drops.

Then we see four more price swings related with bullish and bearish MACD crossovers.

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