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As shown in Chart 1 below, by far the largest percentage of short-term uniform visas issued for Schengen countries are for individuals who are based in Russia, at The country with the next largest percentage of visas issued is Ukraine, at only 9 per cent of the total. Chart 1: European Commission Directorate-General Home Affairs In turn, as Chart 2 shows, the rejection rate for Russian applicants is among the smallest of the top 20 countries where visas are issued. Of those applications for a Schengen visa made in Russia inonly 0. For comparison, the country with the largest refusal rate, Algeria, had Chart 2: Visa refusal rate for top 20 countries where Schengen visas were issued in Source: European Commission Directorate-General Home Affairs This being the case, a cynic might argue that an appealing alternative avenue to intensify the pressure on the Kremlin could well be making it harder for ordinary Russians to obtain the sought-after pass to Europe.

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And yet banning a rich source of income for a continent still recovering from a devastating crisis does not seem be such a smart move. The potential for such a move to backfire is undoubtedly high. This route should not be completely dismissed, however. A typical Visa transaction begins when an account holder presents his or her Visa product to a merchant as payment for goods or services. The transaction is then sent to the merchant's acquirer and routed to an issuer for an authorization decision.

Escalating a ‘visa war’ with Russia could offer the EU an option to exert pressure over Ukraine

The transaction is either approved or declined and routed back to the acquirer and merchant usually in a matter of seconds. Our processing services also address the varied needs of other participants in the evolving payments ecosystem, through such offerings as our merchant gateway and Visa Debit Processing Services DPS for issuer processing. Merchant gateway services, provided through CyberSource, enable merchants to accept, process, and reconcile payments, manage fraud and safeguard payment security online and at the physical point of sale. CyberSource additionally enables acquirers and other partners to offer these services to their merchants. Value-added offerings by Visa DPS to issuer clients include: These and other services support our issuers and acquirers and their use of our products, and promote the growth and security of our payments network.

Digital Products Visa Checkout: Visa Checkout offers consumers an expedited and secure payment experience for online and mobile transactions wherever Visa Checkout is offered. Visa Checkout helps merchants attain higher rates of completed purchases from their consumers, a particularly important feature as digital commerce shifts from desktop devices to mobile devices, where shoppers have been less likely to complete purchases from their shopping carts. More thanmerchants, including some of the largest global retailers, accept Visa Checkout. In fiscalour product enhancement focus was making Visa Checkout more convenient for consumers to sign in and sign up by enabling biometric sign in.

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We also successfully piloted a stay-signed-in feature that verifies account holders on their device, allowing a consumer to checkout in as little as two clicks. Visa Direct: This platform enables faster payments solutions for a range of new use cases, including person-to-person P2Pdisbursements, bill pay, and micro merchant payments. At the end of fiscalthere were over 1 billion Visa debit, prepaid, and credit cards enabled for real-time receipt of funds, providing global scale and reach for partners. Issuers, acquirers, processors, and merchants are able to leverage our existing network connections to build new services, capabilities, and solutions.

Visa has successfully launched merchant-presented QR technology that utilizes Visa Direct in India, Kenya, and Nigeria, and is continuing to work on developing common standards for QR code payments to ensure global interoperability, which is key to the growth of the push payments ecosystem. Work is currently underway to launch QR technology with Visa Direct in 12 additional markets over the next year.


Visa Token Service: The Visa Token Service replaces the card account euripe from the transaction with a token. Tokenization helps to protect consumer financial information and lessen the Visz of stolen card credentials, particularly when information regarding a financial instrument is stored on a device, such as a mobile phone or wearable, or is stored on file at an ecommerce merchant. In fiscalwe expanded Visa Token Service to 29 markets and are actively engaged in tokenizing accounts. We also enabled wearables providers FitBit and Garmin to embed Visa tokens in their devices. Finally, we announced a new program to drive acceleration into Internet-of-Things IoT payments.

These TSPs will be able to provide a range of services to support Visa tokens for issuers and token requestors, including new account provisioning and life cycle management. By expanding access to the Visa Token Service to new partners, we expect Visa issuers and other partners to be able to more quickly and easily offer secure digital payment services across a wide range of solutions. Visa Advertising Solutions is a service that allows merchants to better target and track the efficacy of their digital campaigns. Visa partners with strategic advertising technology companies to help deliver targeting and measurement capabilities using aggregated and de-identified spend insights.

Visa account holders for shopping at thousands of featured merchants in the United States. The CyberSource platform enables merchants to manage online, mobile, and in-person payments. CyberSource offers solution packages tailored for merchants, acquirers, and technology partners. CyberSource offers a secure, integrated commerce solution that gives businesses the flexibility to select the ecommerce or point-of-sale platform, financial partner, and hardware of their choice.

CyberSource enables businesses to accept payments from over countries and territories across the world through its acquirer and processor connections and its Token Management Service provides a degree view of customer purchases across all sales channels. The CyberSource Decision Manager fraud management service helps businesses minimize fraud losses, maximize revenue, and control costs. The solution combines advanced machine learning methods, a flexible rules engine, and insights derived from billions of CyberSource and Visa transactions. Among the risks Visa Inc.

A spokesman for the Foster City, Calif. Visa Europe doesn't trade publicly. Visa Europe has been a separate entity from Visa Inc.

Previously, Visa was set up as five separate operating units that focused on different regions. Under the restructuring, all of those units were rolled in to the newly formed Visa Inc. Charles Scharf, a former J.

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