5 candle forex trading income

Now, there are variations of transition trading. But the main idea is this: Must understand multiple timeframes really well Now that you have an idea of the different forex trading strategies out there. The next question is… Which Forex trading strategies suit you best? So before you attempt to trade any forex trading strategies, you MUST consider these 3 questions… 1. Do you want to grow your wealth or make an income from trading? If you make an income from trading, you must find more trading opportunities within a shorter time period for the law of large number to play out.

This means you must trade the lower timeframes and spend more hours in front of the screen. The Forex trading strategies you can use are scalping, day trading, or short-term swing trading. For wealth: If you want to grow your wealth from trading, you can afford to have fewer trading opportunities. This means you can trade the higher timeframes and spend fewer hours in front of the screen.

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The trading strategies you can use are swing trading or position trading. How much time can you devote to trading? This is a no-brainer. Instead, go with swing or position trading.

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Incoms and mathematics of the strategy The method is cansle on using a combination of standard candlestick analysis with a high degree of reliability. Only a simple exponential moving average of closing prices with period 9 for M15 period is used as an indicator of the direction of the trend, and then the current candles location relative to the moving is analyzed. Now we need to define a "free candle", which became the basis of this minute strategy. This is considered to be a fully formed minute candle, body and shadows of which do not touch the built moving average, despite the fact that its closing price is above the previous high for the uptrend or below the previous low for the downtrend market.

On a real chart, such candles appear quite often and give good entry points. You should better work during European and US session — the Asian volatility may not be enough. First of all, we define the general direction of the trend — by EMA 9: Then analyze the candles location relative to the line, looking for free candles.

“The third candle” strategy

Thus, according to trzding strategy: For bullish direction, closing price must be higher than the previous max, for bearish — below the previous low. To go long buy on the minute strategy, you need a "free" white candle located above the moving average line. Once the next candle is opened — enter at the market price, but you can also place pending order BuyStop just above the closing price of the previous candle. StopLoss is recommended to set points below the minimum of the "free" candle used for the analysis — after the price has passed the size of the stop, move it to breakeven and then trail along with the movement. To enter sell, you need a "free" black candle located below the moving average.

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forsx Open cancle the opening of the next candle — at the market price or with a pending order SellStop. Profit on open positions can be calculated using the usual approach to money management, but it is recommended to use double the range size of the "free" candle. Work during periods of market instability news, the end of the sessions, etc. Open position can be hold at the market price until the distance from a closure point to the average is at least half of the "free" candle.

Some remarks from experience A good time to enter incomee the main currency pairs is minutes after the opening of the European session, when the market has already decided on the direction of the market. The average time for an open transaction is up to 1 hour. Work without stops is not recommended.

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