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So, you bid on a Treasury bond at a Treasury bond auction. Treasury bonds are auctioned monthly, but originally issued for funding the U.

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A re-opened security has the same maturity date, coupon interest rate, and interest payment dates as the original, but yeads a different issue date and usually a different price. At an auction, the Treasury accepts two types of bids: A noncompetitive bid is a bid in which you agree to accept the interest rate determined at auction. Which means you are guaranteed to receive the bond you want, in the full amount you want, for an interest rate set at the auction. A competitive bid is one in which you specify the yield you're willing to accept.

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This means your bid could be accepted in the full amount you want, if treasur bid is equal to or less than the yield determined at auction, or is accepted in less than the full amount you want, if your bid is equal to the high yield, or can even be rejected if the yield you specify is higher than what's set at auction. Treasury's TreasuryDirect. TAAPS is, according to the Treasury, an application "for the exclusive use of institutions that provides direct access to U. Treasury auctions. Treasury auctions, and allows institutions to purchase marketable securities directly, reducing or eliminating intermediary costs and bringing direct bidding to their computers.

Who Can Buy Treasury Bonds?

Treasury bonds billw be purchased by individuals, as well as entities like trusts, estates, corporations, and partnerships. However, you could place a competitive bid through a bank or broker. Oil prices are often used as a short-term gauge of inflation by fixed-income investors. And inflation is anathema to bonds because rising prices can chip away at their fixed value. Providing critical information for the U.

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Subscribe to MarketWatch's free Need to Know yfars. Sign up here. More from MarketWatch. However, they are still taxable at the federal level. They can also be purchased indirectly through a bank or broker.

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Investors can choose to hold Treasury notes until maturity or sell them early treasyry the secondary market. There is no minimum ownership term. Re-openings are year T-notes issued with the same maturity dates and interest rates as securities corresponding yeags the origination months. All T-notes are issued electronically, meaning investors do not hold actual paper reflecting the securities, similar to stocks. One notable peak in the force-feeding of credit came after the failure of Lehman Brothers in You can see that in the flattening of the yuan exchange rate for about two years untilas well as the surge of yuan loan growth after the Lehman failure see chart.

Chinese recession Unfortunately, such lending activities have resulted in misallocation of capital and the present credit bubble, demonstrating itself in the construction of empty cities and the overall slowdown of the Chinese economy as it matures under a heavy debt load.

The present long-in-the-making trade confrontation is likely to make matters quite a bit worse for the Chinese economy as a mainland recession is overdue. In the case this turns out to be a real trade war, buy U. Ivan Martchev is an investment strategist at institutional money manager Navellier and Associates. The opinions expressed are solely his own.

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