Transferring shares for online trading

Understanding the Gift Tax Every year the Internal Revenue Service publishes an amount, referred to as the annual exclusion limit, that you're allowed to give to another person without having to fill out a gift-tax return. If the value of your stock transfer is above the annual limit, you'll have to file a gift-tax return using IRS Form Ordinarily, the gift tax can be as high as 40 percent, but most taxpayers don't pay a gift tax because of the unified credit, which applies to both the gift and estate taxes.

This means you can apply the excess of the value of the stock transfer against the unified credit and not have to pay a gift tax although you'll still have to file a gift-tax return. One of the many changes for years throughis the way long-term and short term capital gains are taxed. Instant transfer of funds through Payment Gateway Payment Gateway is one of the most commonly used modes of transfer. One can use any bank account or debit card to transfer funds into their trading account.

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One of the biggest advantages of this method is that the transfer of funds is done instantly, and one can start trading as soon as their account reflects the deposited credit. It is important to note that with every transfer, one incurs a charge of Rs. It is also important to keep in mind that, as per SEBI Regulations, credit or charge cards cannot be used to transfer funds into an account, only debit cards or net banking can be used for the process. Generally, the time taken for a transfer of funds from one bank account to another is around hours.

However, if the transfer is made between two accounts of the same bank, the credit is deposited immediately.

How Do You Transfer Common Stock From One Broker to Another?

ror Once the password and OTP that have been sent are filled in, the transfer will take place. NEFT can be used to transfer funds into commodity accounts as well as equity trading accounts. The transfer can either be done online or by depositing an NEFT cheque. Both processes require the same amount of time.

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There are no additional charges incurred during an NEFT transfer. An IMPS transfer is instantaneous but additional charges may be incurred for this facility. Depositing funds by cheque or demand draft A transfer of funds by depositing a cheque can be made only in case of an offline trading account. Some brokerages will charge fees to transfer accounts in and out of their systems, but many will waive fees for incoming accounts and even compensate you for what your old brokerage charges. Naturally, it's a good idea to see what fees are involved and how you're expected to pay them before the transfer begins.

To transfer your shares to one of the Big Four banks online, take a look at the following methods.

Exploring Other Transfers If you're only transferring some stocks from one brokerage to another, they may not use the ACATS system, and the process can sometimes take longer. Fees may still apply. The procedure, though, is generally the same. Next step is the transfer mode selection!

If it is an intra-depository transfer then you must select "Off Market Transfer" Transferirng. On the other snares, if it is a transfer from one depository to another then you must select the "Inter-Depository" option. Select this option carefully based on the debiting account and the target account. There are a few basic precautions to take here. Ensure that the name of the target recipient and the digit id are perfectly matching otherwise the transfer request could be rejected. Lastly, the signature must exactly match with the signature in the master database of the DP and there must be clear balance without lien available in your Demat account to effect this transfer of shares.

Transferring to self and transferring to another person with tax onine The transfer of demat shares could be to different demat accounts of the same person or to another person. Under the new SEBI regulations, it is mandatory for the transferor to clearly mention the purpose of the transfer. This may not be too material in case of self transfers, but in case of transfer of shares from one individual to another, this purpose becomes very important.

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