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Obviously it makes sense to choose time frames which match any natural rhythms that can be discerned in the currency markets. If you are using the Elliott Wave analysis your average holding period will depend on the degree of the impulse or corrective waves that you are trading. Pove which fundamental factors youd best for your forex trading system e. In other words, the strength of correlation between the price of a currency pair and the fundamental tradibg relevant yojr it traeing not fixed even with interest rate differentials.

In contrast, the relationship between the price patterns especially the classical price patterns and trader psychology the driving force behind most important price moves remains fairly stable over the years. This is the reason why the forex traders are encouraged to devote most of their efforts to building trading systems around the technical analysis. Another important question is the time horizon of the prediction that the trader is trying to make with his system. Better not to try to forecast currency prices too far into the future. This is because the number and the complexity of interaction of various technical and fundamental factors rises geometrically with each trading day.

It is, therefore, best to "leave" this task to high-end investment banks and houses which alone have the capacity to perform the necessary calculations inherent in longer-term currency course forecasting. It is more practical for the typical currency trader to concentrate on capturing the so-called "knee-jerk" market reactions driven by crowd emotionalism through the analysis of the current technical or fundamental conditions. Be prepared for anything don't try to predict what will happen or when.

Investing is a skill, not a science. The Tradung swordsman dicsniplines body and mind to counter any blow spontaneously; he does Fkrex anticipate the moves of an opponent, for that impedes his ability to react. Likewise, professional investors know they cannot control the real estate trasing stock market, let alone the global economy. Instead, they train themselves to be financially intelligent, to think confidently and creatively when opportunities or problems arise. You should also try not to include too wwith indicators over 12 in your forex wuth system. This is because probability yor the system will perform like it did in the past diminishes as you add more indicators to your system.

As a rule, the larger the number of indicators in your system the longer the period of historical currency price data you need to backtest the system on. There is no necessity to learn all the available indicators and technical analysis methods before you can start creating your own robust trading systems. It is usually enough to master just a few "basic" technical indicators and formations to start combining them to identify high probability entry and exit points. In the long run it is best to stick to a sound forex trading strategy, that has high probability of being profitable in the long-run, than to dissipate your capital among a variety of "promising" techniques.

Developing the Rule-Set which will Operate on the Signals You can develop these rules based on your observation of how the prices move in relation to various technical and fundamental indicators. For example, you might notice that currency prices tend to resume trending behaviour after they correct toward and touch day moving average.

The 5-Minute Trading Strategy

You can use this observation to formulate a rule which will enter the markets when the prices bounce off from the day moving average. You might also notice that the prices tend to stop trending when they touch the outer daily Bollinger bands. You can use this information to create a rule which will exit the trades once the prices penetrate the outer daily Bollinger Band. Because creating rule-sets for mechanical trading systems forces you to quantify your insights about the market this practice helps to clarify them. The rule-set of a forex trading system is in essence the clarified version of the weighing algorithms that you naturally create in your mind as you learn the technical and fundamental analysis and observe the price action.

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I say "weighing" because most of the technical rules are recorded in your mind as fuzzy patterns e. When you create the trading system, you transfer your knowledge to the computer in the form that can be understood by it. Admittedly, the quality of the computerized model very often will fall short of the actual mental model that you keep in your head. However, the real advantage of the "mechanicizing" your market knowledge is the ability to objectively determine the validity of your trading ideas by the process of the backtesting. It should be noted that the closest the computers approach to imitating the complexity of human comprehension of the market patterns is in the neural network packages.

Neural network packages can be especially useful if you wish to model your way of weighing the strength of support or resistance levels. This way you can objectively measure the strength or the beauty of the technical setups that you encounter in your trading e. Advanced users of the neural networks can go even further by tying the position size within the maximum percentage value set by their money management system to the strength or the beauty of the technical setup. If done properly this practice will allow them to make the most of the best trading opportunities while simultaneously reducing the exposure on the less promising setups. When it comes to trading, patience truly is a virtue.

Learn to sit on your hands until the market gets to the point where you have drawn your line in the sand. If it does not get to your entry point, what have you lost? There is always going to be an opportunity to make gains another day. G Have realistic expectations: What is a realistic expectation? Most of them achieve much less than that and are well-paid to do so. Step 2: In terms of investing, this means you must sit down with your calculator and determine what kind of returns you need to reach your financial goals.

B Next, you must start to understand how much you need to earn in a trade and how often you will have to trade to achieve your wwith. Don't forget to factor in lvoe trades. This can bring you to the realization that your trading methodology sytsem be in conflict with your goals. Therefore, it is critical to align your methodology with your goals. So how many pips can you expect to earn per trade? Take your last 20 trades and add up the winners and losers and then determine your profits. Use this to forecast the returns on your current methodology. Once you know this information, you can figure out if you can achieve your goals and whether or not you are being realistic.

Step 3: Ensure You Have Enough Money A Cash is the fuel needed to start trading and without enough cash, your trading will be hampered by a lack of liquidity. But more important, cash is a cushion against losing trades.

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Without a cushion, you will not be able to withstand a temporary drawdown or be able wity give your position enough breathing space while the market moves back and forth with new trends. B Cash cannot come from sources that you need for other important events in your life, such as your savings plan for your children's college education. Cash in trading accounts is " risk " money. Also known as risk capital, this money is an amount that you can afford to lose without affecting your lifestyle. Being greedy: Seems like an obvious answer, right?

Well, most traders behave as if they want to get slaughtered by the market. Is that amount one that you can sleep comfortably with at night without having a sickening urge to go turn on your laptop at 3am and check what the markets are doing? You want to adopt a low frequency trading approach in That, combined with managing your risk, will work to eliminate the devastating effects of greed on your trading account. Giving back profits Does your trading account constantly go up and then right back down to where it started? You would like it to move consistently higher with only slight downside dips in between, right?

Well, then you have to stop giving back all your profits. There are many reasons why traders give back their profitsbut here are some points to help you overcome this problem in We obsess over how to get you results, not how we can win trading contests to boost our egos. Once you have completed the steps successfully, you can apply it again and again, to build your arsenal of profitable trading strategies. But if you don't master that process, you will continue to be frustrated and jump from system to system.

The real secret to trading success is to stop believing that trading strategies alone will make you profitable. That's what most of the trading education industry wants you to believe. Sell half of the position at entry plus the amount risked; move the stop on the second half to breakeven. Trail the stop by breakeven or the period EMA minus 15 pips, whichever is higher. Wait for the price to cross below the period EMA; make sure that MACD is either in the process of crossing from positive to negative or crossed into negative territory no longer than five bars ago. Go short 10 pips below the period EMA. For an aggressive trade, place stop at the swing high on a five-minute chart.

For a conservative trade, place the stop 20 pips above period EMA Buy back half of the position at entry minus the amount risked and move the stop on the second half to breakeven. Although there were a few instances of the price attempting to move above the period EMA between 1: We waited for the MACD histogram to cross the zero line and when it did, the trade was triggered at 1.

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We enter at 1. Our first target was 1. It was triggered approximately two and a half hours later. We exit half of the position and trail the remaining half by the period EMA minus 15 pips. The second half is eventually closed at 1.

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