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If Max doesn't own iff, the option can be exercised to initiate a short position in the stock. Initiating trare short position requires a margin account with enough money in it to cover the margin on the short trade. Selling the Option The other alternative to exercising an option is to sell the option back to the market. Do not fall in love with positions. If you cannot bring yourself to take profits on a winner, at least initiate a spread strategy. You should be asking yourself how much better can it get?

Probably not much better. A spread strategy is a limited loss, limited gain strategy. Master it. Let it roll. If you have to stay in the market, think about selling your position and buying another with a higher or lower strike price. At least this lets you take some money off the table. That's an example of rolling a position.

Is trading options for a living possible?

Options trade through stock exchanges, and each options contract is for shares of a particular company. Each contract has an expiration date, which gives it a limited life span usually less than nine months. The strike price or exercise priceis the price at which buyers can exercise their rights under the contract. There are two types of options: Calls give the holder or buyer the right to buy the underlying security at a specified strike price until the expiration date. The seller of the call has the obligation to sell or deliver the underlying security at the strike price until the expiry date, if the option holder exercises the option. I am not a big fan of giving my money to others to manage and then not knowing what they are doing with it.

I have had members tell me they just want to check their accounts once a year — that is just stupid. You worked hard for it. So, is trading options for a living possible? Yes, but it takes time, desire, and effort. Trading for a living is not a hobby nor is it anything short of running your own business. It is not like in the movies where they scream at their brokers on the phone to buy 1, shares of this or that and make a million bucks. Take your time to learn the art of trading. Remember the markets will be here tomorrow. Remember when I said that in the options market, there were winners and losers?

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If you want to win most of the time… Be An Options Seller! Options selling optoin give you a huge edge. But because the odds are so dramatically in your favor, the rewards are less than you get buying options. If you want to get the biggest bang for you buck… Be An Options Buyer! The guy that made the most money was an options seller. He would sell options while they had some time value left and let them expire worthless.

He made millions doing this. His returns were small but the probability of success was high There are people now who use a version of his method and make income every week. You get to decide what yield you want based on your risk tolerance. Sometimes he loses about half of his investment. If you want the odds on your side every time, use options selling strategies. If you want the biggest bang for your buck, buy Calls or Puts… but The executive with options, however, has essentially been wiped out. His options are now so far under water that they are nearly worthless. Far from eliminating penalties, options actually amplify them.

The downside risk has become increasingly evident to executives as their pay packages have come to be dominated by options. Take a look at the employment contract Joseph Galli negotiated with Amazon. The risk inherent in options can be undermined, however, through the practice of repricing. When a stock price falls sharply, the issuing company can be tempted to reduce the exercise price of previously granted options in order to increase their value for the executives who hold them.

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Although fairly common in small companies—especially those in Silicon Valley—option repricing is relatively rare for senior managers of large companies, despite some well-publicized exceptions. Again, however, the criticism does not stand up to close examination. For a method of compensation to motivate managers to focus on the long term, it needs to be tied to a performance measure that looks forward rather than backward. The traditional measure—accounting profits—fails that test.

It measures the past, not the future. Stock price, however, is a forward-looking measure. Forecasts can opttion be completely accurate, of course. Grade because investors have their own money on the line, they face enormous pressure to read iption future correctly. That makes the stock market the best predictor of performance we have. But what about the executive who has a great long-term strategy that is not yet fully appreciated by the market? Or, even worse, what about the executive who can fool the market by pumping up earnings in the short run while hiding fundamental problems? Investors may be the best forecasters we have, but they are not omniscient.

Option grants provide an effective means for addressing these risks: That delay serves to reward managers who take actions with longer-term payoffs while exacting a harsh penalty on those who fail to address basic business problems.

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Stock options optoon, in short, the ultimate forward-looking incentive plan—they measure future cash flows, and, through the tarde of vesting, they measure them in the future as well as in the present. If a company wants to encourage a more farsighted perspective, it should not abandon option grants—it jac simply extend their vesting periods. Their directors and executives assume that the important thing is just to have a plan in place; the details are trivial. As a result, they let their HR departments or compensation consultants decide on the form of the plan, and they rarely examine the available alternatives.

While option plans can take many forms, I find it useful to divide them into three types. The first two—what I call fixed value plans and fixed number plans—extend over several years. The third—megagrants—consists of onetime lump sum distributions. The three types of plans provide very different incentives and entail very different risks.

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