Open interest put options contract

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Keeping Tabs on Open Interest

Stock market initiates with an interest in derivatives will often come across the term open interest. This is a very useful tool in understanding, along with price data, whether a market has topped or bottomed, among other things. ET provides the lowdown. What is open interest?

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An outstanding buy or sell position on a stock or index jnterest or options contract. Simply niterest, option open interest is the open number of contracts that remain for an expiration month. This includes contracts that have not been exercised, offset, or expired. As a stock trader, you only really have a single measure of liquidity and activity which is volume. However, as options traders, you have to consider both volume, AND open interest as the truth is that they are completely different data points.

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Open Interest Only Increases With New Contracts When traders create brand new contracts, which did not previously exist, option open interest will increase. This means that a new buyer must take a long position and a new seller must take a short position. Together they create a new contract in the market. An important point: Unlike options trading volume, open interest is not updated during the trading day. When you buy or sell an option, the transaction is entered as either an opening or a closing transaction. If you buy 10 calls of ABC, you are buying the calls to open. Each call represents shares, so that's 1, shares in total.

That purchase will add 10 to the open interest figure. If you wanted to get out of the position, you would sell those same options to close. Open interest would then fall by Selling an option can also add to the open interest. Since it is an opening transaction, it would add 10 to the open interest. If you later wanted to repurchase the options, you would enter a transaction to buy to close. Open interest would then decrease by December Many[ citation needed ] technical analysts believe that a knowledge of open interest can prove useful toward the end of major market moves.

For some[ citation needed ] option traders, open interest indicates the intensity of trading in a financial instrument. If open interest increases suddenly, it is likely[ citation needed ] that new information about the underlying security has been revealed, which may indicate a near-term rise in the underlying security's volatility. However, neither an increase in volatility nor open interest necessarily indicate anything about the direction of future price movements. A leveling off of open interest following a sustained price advance is often[ citation needed ] an early warning of the end to an uptrending or bull market.

Technical analysts view[ citation needed ] increasing open interest as an indication that new money is flowing into the marketplace.

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From this assumption, one could conclude that the present trend will continue. Analogously, declining open interest implies that the market is liquidating, and suggests that the prevailing price trend is coming to an end. A common misconception is that open interest is cojtract same thing as the number of option contracts traded. The difference between the two can be explained with a short scenario here; Further, according to the definition of open interest in this entry, a change in open interest indicates a difference in the number of buyers and sellers of a financial instrument, or at a minimum an increase or decrease in the size of participants' positions.

Like volatility, it has no directional component, it is just a tally of unsettled contracts. For example, if trader X buys 2 futures contracts from trader Y who is the sellerthen open interest rises by 2.

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