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Of course, you can also visit a lender in person. However, a variable Pdt loan could work to your advantage as you could pay back less overall if interest rates fluctuate. Home loans are offered either at a fixed or variable rate of interest. Details of all ongoing monthly expenses childcare, education, utilities, groceries, and the like A detailed list of assets and liabilities, as well as other income. Save your time and get specialist help to find the best home loan - FREE.

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Fixed rate plans suit those who may be on a budget or prefer to know exactly what they pay back each month. You can also browse by company to see the different types of home loan offered sestpac some loan providers offer basic products, as well as inclusive package deals. Some other features that many Westpac mortgages include are reduced payments for up to six months for a holiday or home renovation, as well as a parental leave reduction; the ability to make extra repayments on your loan; offset accounts on some loans such as the Rocket Repay Home Loan and Rocket Investment Home Loan,and the SmartPay automatic payment program.

They require: When it comes time to apply for a mortgage with Westpac, they are very specific about the information they're looking for when you sit down with one of their financial managers.

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When it comes to applying for a Westpac home loan, you can either call wesfpac company between 8 am and 8 pm, seven days morgage week, or enter your contact information and wesptac a call back on the Westpac website. A full copy of the Contract of Sale for the property you plan to purchase. Proof of ongoing Rent or Board lease agreements, rental ledgers, and so forth Bank statement or a transaction listing covering 2 payment cycles Proof of savings account statements. If you are self employed: If you want to live in the property, or buy it as a future investment, will determine whether you should apply for an owner occupied loan or an investment loan. You will also need to consider what sort of payment plan suits you.

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