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Wide spreads: A lower volume in trading may result in a wide spread between bid and ask prices. Therefore, avter may be hard for an individual to have his or her order executed at a favorable price. Tough competition for individual investors: While individual investors now have the opportunity to trade in an after-hours market, the reality is that they must compete against large institutional investors that have access to more resources than the average individual investor.

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Therefore, you are more likely to experience severe price tradng in after-hours trading than trading during regular hours. At the end of the trading session at 8: Benefits After-hours trading comes tradig a number of risks, but there are some possible benefits too: Pricing opportunities: Although volatility is a risk associated with trading after hours, you may find some appealing prices during this time. Investors may prefer trading at off-peak times, and after-hours trading provides this added flexibility. Market Hours Schedule Standard Trading: Monday through Friday 9: Because lots of other people are doing the same thing.

I prefer to take a wait-and-see position. And if I get an opportunity to strike without undue influence, I take it.

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Consider all aftet people who lost big on Chipotle in Rumors that Chipotle stock had hit its bottom and would start rebounding right before an earnings call caused stocks to shoot up 10 percent, but only a minute later it fell 50 points. Riding this roller coaster is tricky, but the lesson is: Stocks that are flying high can fall just as big — and fast — when earnings are reported or major moves are made that are considered negative. If after-hours trading is something you need in a broker, make sure you understand the rules, because every broker has different restrictions.

Many brokers do offer after-hours trading.

tdading You just have to make sure the rules and restrictions suit your goals. For instance, many brokers charge an extra fee for after-hours trading. Additionally, you might be limited in the types trzding trades you can execute. Pros and Cons So, now that you know what it is and when it takes place, what data do you follow to help make a decision pre-market or after hours? That includes GDP, retail sales, weekly jobless claims and U. Eastern time. It gets tricky, though, for pre-market trading, because most of these economic reports come out around 8: Earnings reports come out before the market opens and after it closes.

Your Watchlist

Earnings sessions can be a gold mine. They happen during the 1—2 weeks after the end of each quarter — so mid-January, April, July and October. A catalyst aside from earnings reports and calls might be a media pump beware! But what about the potential risks? The bid-ask spreads tend to widen during these hours, too, so you might not be able to find stocks that meet your needs.


Remember, never trade just to trade. As always, research your plays before you commit. Examples of Biggest After Hours Movers Certain stocks are known to experience lots of activity on the after-hours market. Here are three on my watch. You can, at times, take advantage of after-hours trading on shares of APPL based on recently released news, such as — you guessed it — a new iPhone. Via shuttersock.

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