Nsw ticket scalping laws come under fire

But this is beyond unsustainable. It undsr up with 83, signatures and as a result their House of Commons held a Select Committee on Ticket Abuse to access the damage the secondary market is having on the industry.

New laws on ticket reselling

Like Robbie Williams. As News. As a result, a number of Italian artists are severing their ties with the company, while official complaints have been filed to the public prosecutor of Milan against Live Nation Italy and new policies have been tabled that could slow the activities of some resale sites. Scottish authorities have also said they will crack down on scalpers and the sites assisting them, with the Competition and Markets Authority set to begin investigating the issue.

The laws only apply to dcalping that are held at a venue inside Scalpinng. What if the terms and conditions say the ticket cannot be resold? One of the aims of the ticket scalping laws is to provide for a legitimate resale market. Consumers who purchase an event ticket and can no longer attend should be able to sell that ticket to someone else and recover their costs in the process. From 1 Junenew laws include a protection for consumers that prevents an event organiser from cancelling a ticket on the basis it was resold, if it was sold in accordance with the new laws.

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If the event's terms and conditions state you are not allowed to resell your ticket under any circumstances, contact Fair Trading. We will assess the terms and conditions of the ticket and gather other relevant information, including by contacting the event organiser, to decide whether compliance action should be taken. How much can I legally sell my ticket for? For tickets that are first sold by the authorised ticket seller from 1 Junereselling the ticket for any profit is prohibited.

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It is an offence to resell a ticket for more than original cost, plus transaction costs if the ticket has a resale restriction. Transaction costs include booking fees, ticket delivery fees and credit card surcharges. If you won the ticket in a competition and it has a resale restriction, you paid nothing for the ticket and you cannot resell the ticket for any amount. If we find out thousands of tickets are being diverted from the public, that would put the heat back on the industry, and off the bots.

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Would NSW laws work against overseas websites? She said the laws would apply to resale websites such as Viagogo, which has its headquarters in Switzerland and sells many tickets to Australian events. Jeannie Paterson said. The fact they are reselling tickets into Australia means they are subject to our laws.

It recently took Viagogo to court for alleged misleading practices. It may be harder to enforce these laws against countries with which Australia does not have a strong, established relationship. But the proposed laws provide a solution to this: Paterson said the proposal would but the onus on enforcing the law on to the hosting site. CHOICE wants promoters, venues and ticketing companies to specify the number of tickets available for pre-sale and general sale, the number of events scheduled for a tour, and the number of seats in a venue.

Basically, they want punters to have as much information as possible. The TBA also wants the live entertainment industry to be more transparent and reveal how many tickets go on sale to the general public. TBA's Jay Felix pointed out that Queensland already has a 10 per cent resale price cap on events held at major sporting facilities, and it doesn't always work. The reforms focus on improving outcomes for victims while maintaining the fair treatment of people with cognitive and mental health impairments. Victims will now have the opportunity to make victim impact statements, to be considered by the court and by the Mental Health Review Tribunal when forensic patients are being considered for leave or release.

The review can be found at www. Applications are now open. To apply or to find further information about the program, visit: Police must have the legal authority to act swiftly and effectively to protect the community when a terrorism threat emerges or an attack occurs. The Act sets out when police can hold a terror suspect in detention or carry out covert searches.

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