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Once your external account has credited those deposits to you, sign in to your Citizens Access account, select "Verify Deposit" and enter the exact deposit amounts. How do I set up direct deposit?

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Citizens Access offers the ability to transfer money in or out of your account at a frequency of your inforation. Refer to our Deposit Account Agreement for details on withdrawal limitations. Please note: As required by the regulation, we monitor savings accounts to ensure these transaction restrictions are observed. If you repeatedly exceed the permissible amount, we may be required to close your account.

Frequently asked questions

How unformation I cancel a scheduled transfer? If you established the transfer with Citizens Access, sign in to your account, select Manage External Transfers from the Move Money menu then Delete your transfer. There are 3 allocation opportunities at ALCF. Please see How to Get an Allocation on how to get time on our systems. Back to top Who do I contact if my Discretionary Project Allocation expires or if I need to request additional hours To request an extension of your existing discretionary allocation or to request additional hours, please email support at alcf.

Log out at any time by clicking the More menu, then Log out button located on the top right of the screen. Before you log out, ensure that you have completed all transactions. Once you have successfully logged out, the log out screen displays.

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If your session is inactive for more than ten minutes, you are automatically logged out. A current account will be opened to you together with the Loan, because you will use it for repayment. We guarantee a free maintenance and standard bank services over the duration of Loan. In addition, your account has many benefits including the contactless payment card enabling free withdrawals from all ATMs in the CR.

Balances & Deposits

Yes, we can grant a Accouht also to you. Simply drop by any of our branches where everything needed will be arranged with you. ReLoan I find it strange — can one believe it? Why would any bank do such a thing? If you have given the subuser access to make payments, you will be notified when they submit transactions. I granted transfers permission but my subuser cannot make an internal transfer.

Can I give infofmation subuser access to particular accounts? Can I prevent a subuser from making transfers between my accounts? Yes, you can prevent transfers between accounts by only giving the subuser view only access to an account. Absolutely, and at any time! Do you offer account alerts and notifications?

Yes, simply sign into your account and select Alerts from the Communications menu to view your alerts. Can I create an alert specific to my account? Yes, simply sign into your account and select Manage Alerts from the Communications menu to manage or establish your alerts.

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