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This is not the name by which Chaudhry refers to him, however. An epithet popularised in this case by daily Khabrain, which was then a relatively new Urdu newspaper and was trying to establish its readership.

It is not clear whether or not this point came up during his trial. At least 62 men and women have been killed on mere suspicion of blasphemy between and Yusuf Ali was convicted and sentenced to death inthree years before the parliament would make the last real — but eventually aborted — effort to amend the laws. As it were, he was murdered while in prison by another inmate, Tariq, who was on death row the gun with which Yusuf Ali was fired at was taken into the prison reportedly by an employee of daily Khabrain. The murder inspired the movie Aik Aur Ghazi, directed by Syed Noor and released years later in — curiously just months after yet another ghazi had entered the public consciousness: Mumtaz Qadri.

Noor insisted that he was not trying to cash in on the prevailing sentiments on the subject. In any case, the film flopped. If the courts do justice, there will never be any problem, he says on a hot summer day in Chaudhry proclaims that Qadri was justified in doing what he did because there was no way that Taseer, the sitting provincial governor, could have been taken to a court for making remarks about the blasphemy laws. Chaudhry does not think that his association takes up blasphemy cases disregarding whether they are fake or genuine. All cases are investigated before the lawyers take them up, he says.

As of last summer, they were handling from to cases. He says he did not take up the case that led to arson at Joseph Colony because the complainant was said to have been drinking with the accused. The imbibing of alcohol, turned Chaudhry off. But even in a state of inebriation, he insists, a Muslim will not tolerate an insult to Islam. The owner of a house publicises his identity to avert assault by an angry mob in Joseph Colony in Lahore Azhar Jafri, White Star The wings of the ceiling fans in the hall of the Presbyterian church had drooped in the heat, like wilted petals, and this, people later said, was proof that it had been no ordinary fire. It must have involved special chemicals, the sort that were not readily available in Sangla Hill, wedged between Lahore, Sheikhupura and Faisalabad — and, they further reasoned, this meant that the fire must have been planned by outsiders, carefully orchestrated, rather than resulting from a spontaneous outburst of passion.

Perhaps this was easier to stomach than wondering which of your neighbours had tried to attack you. So Reverend Tajammal Parvez and his Catholic counterpart decided to forgive them. In return, a local Muslim, Kalu Suniara, withdrew the case against Yusuf Masih whom he had accused of setting fire to a shed that stored fragments of old Qurans.

The two communities — Christian and Muslim — approached the courts and assured the judges that the matter had been resolved. It helped that no lives had been lost in the mob attack. It also helped that the small town of Sangla Hill was fairly integrated and that the elders of its various religious communities —Barelvi, Ahle Hadith, Shia, Catholic, Protestant — were well acquainted with each other. In Sangla Hill, old relationships did not prevent violence but they did help the healing process afterwards. Still, Yusuf Masih had to leave town so that the other Christian families, who had fled when their homes were attacked, could return — though local leaders insist he was not forced to leave, but chose to do so himself.

When he died a few years later, inhis wife is reported to have blamed his death on injuries sustained during his time in government custody under the blasphemy charge. Her youngest son, traumatised from watching the mob haul away his father, refused to speak for months afterwards and compulsively picked at his own skin. In the renovated Presbyterian church, immediately after delivering a Sunday sermon, Reverend Pervez says the incident is firmly in the past. Last month, there were load-shedding protests all over the province, but no one came out on to the streets here. Ten years have passed. It is behind us now. For years, she pursued the case, ensuring that at least four of the murderers remained behind bars.

Then her own father died and her spirits flagged. Her father was the one who dealt with the lawyers and sat in on the hearings. She had six children to care for, and little time or money, or emotional energy. When she reached a settlement, she receivedrupees from each of the four perpetrators, she says. The money did not last her very long. For a while, the local chapter of Jamaat-e-Islami provided a monthly stipend of 3, rupees to her but that too stopped eventually. At the local police station, where police briefly sheltered Sajjad after he was dragged out of his house and into the city streets, he begged for a bullet to the head instead of being handed over to the crowds outside.

Beaten, bludgeoned and burnt to death, he was buried in Lahore because authorities feared his grave in Gujranwala would be frequently desecrated.

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These are the details his wife remembers. Yet to charge such a person with blasphemy would surely be contrary to the constitutional guarantees of freedom of conscience and religion. What is a Substantial Number? Is it an actual number, or a proportion? If it is an actual number, then the law discriminates against adherents of smaller religions. If it is a proportion, then the law discriminates against adherents of larger religions. Both are contrary to Article Who is Deemed to Cause Outrage? Using the broader definition in this law, if a religious citizen was outraged by matter that he believed to be blasphemous, he would be outlawed from bringing that matter to the attention of other adherents of his religion, because he in turn would have to publish the matter to them in order to do so.

This is contrary to the constitutional right of freedom of expression. For example, if the Danish cartoon incident was to be repeated here, and if the cartoons were found to be blasphemous, then the Muslim campaigners who republished the cartoons, by bringing them to the attention of other Muslims, would themselves be guilty of publishing or uttering blasphemous matter. You want me out of your life? The Bible simply commands us all to repent. Let your brothers and sisters in Christ help preach the gospel into the deepest and darkest areas of your life. But know that if you are reading this right now, the choice is truly yours—regardless of your past.

The move was possible because of the blasphemy laws in Pakistan, which were inherited from British rule.

And those found guilty can be put Put option agreement definition blasphemy death. The laws are known and criticised globally because they have led to many deaths over the past decade. A war against online media Among them was the poet and academic Salman Haider. He finally returned home on Jan. But none of them have yet disclosed who abducted them. And the others are still missing, adding to the many unexplained disappearances in Pakistan. The government sought to pre-empt his bill by tabling its own version which, too, copied the wording of Section A but omitted the mention of the death penalty. It read: On the contrary, an internal memo dated June 26,sent by Marwat indicated his haste to introduce the bill and asked that the requirement for a mandatory cabinet discussion on it to be waived: The ulema members of the assembly impressed upon Marwat that the omission of the death penalty was unacceptable to them and that there was a consensus ijma among various schools of jurisprudence fiqh on the death sentence being the only punishment for blasphemy towards the Prophet may peace be upon him.

Religious protesters clash with law enforcement personnel at the Faizabad sit-in Tanveer Shahzad, white Star Consequently, in his opening remarks while introducing Section C, Marwat proposed to add to the tabled bill the option of the death sentence along with life imprisonment. They would accept life imprisonment as a secondary punishment insofar as some doubt continued to exist in a case. The minister, however, sought to keep these as two alternate but equally available options. He argued that if there was some doubt in a case then the legal system would acquit the accused as is the judicial norm, which requires guilt to be proven beyond reasonable doubt.

There was clearly some confusion on whether life imprisonment and the death penalty were equal and alternative punishments. Hamza, while conceding that a law may be required, again felt that the legislation was being passed with undue haste. He argued that such an important law required greater deliberation, public consultation and careful review, as the tabled draft seemed to be vague and easy to misuse. In a country already blighted by sectarian conflict where accusations of kufr and blasphemy were too easily made, such a law, he suggested, would be misused by irresponsible people. Publicity of and consultation on the bill might cause delay, result in changes in its draft or may even prevent its passage, he argued.

In any case, as Nisar Fatima reiterated, public debate was completely unnecessary. He will also be a Muslim, he will also interpret law, he will try the case and fulfil requirements for justice. If the law was in any way inadequate, he suggested, it could always be amended — deferring the problem and its resolution to the future. The addition of Section C to the penal code was passed and became law after presidential approval on October 5, Maulana Gohar Rehman concluded the debate by congratulating the members and commenting that the law would put to rest any attempt to implement a secular system in Pakistan and that it would enable the achievement of an Islamic system.

Ironies abound — again. A law designed to protect the Prophet may peace be upon him has had the consequence of empowering allegations and accusations, many of them false or resulting from misunderstandings, sectarian rivalries and at times, it has to be said, frivolous personal reasons, which, if anything, have contributed to besmirching Islam. He said: There is already in force in Pakistan a law section A PPC which was enacted as far back as and provides for the punishment of insulting and attempting to insult the religion or religious beliefs of any class of citizens.

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There should therefore be no apprehension that the proposed law when enacted might be used in the manner referred to by Mr. John Wilkinson, MP. They both did not consider the fact that the relatively few prosecutions between andunder the previously existing laws, resulted from judicial circumspection as well as the safeguards inherent in Section A. But the new laws changed these and everything changed with them.

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The ostensible and immediate cause of Section C is illustrative of the difference between a judiciously designed law and one not fit for the purpose. Under sections A anda case did not exist against Asma for the simple reason that there was no evidence to indicate that she had committed an offence. Is it unsurprising, then, that the new law encouraged the practice of accusations that has proliferated, multiplied and intensified over the years? In one respect, however, the ministry of foreign affairs official was right.

It is not just non-Muslim Pakistanis who have been at the receiving end fefinition Section C and other anti-blasphemy laws. These Zia-era blxsphemy to the penal code — hastily agreemrnt as political and symbolic gestures — were barely considered with the kind of responsibility they deserved. The consequences they have engendered leave us with little choice but to ask: A law that recognises the importance of respect for revered and foundational religious figures but one in which the test is the intent behind sacrilegious comment and not the interpreted and perceived hurt of the listener?

It is not that the invocation of Jinnah is the automatic answer to all that ails Pakistan, but those who support Section C often use his legal representation of Ilm-ud-din as evidence of his approval for the murder of real and alleged blasphemers. The evidence does not bear this out.

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Given that Atreement was directly involved in the drafting of a agreemeng, one that was widely understood at the time as necessary for the protection of the honour of the Prophet may peace aagreement upon himit is clear that he blaslhemy A as maintaining a balance between the rightful protection against offensive speech and a responsibility towards reasonable expression of criticism. Some of the suggestions being discussed include the possibility of harsher sentences for those making false accusations. It has failed. If anything, it has resulted in the multiplication of real and perceived blasphemous content.

Every accusation and allegation, whether a genuine one or a false one resulting from misperceptions, misunderstandings, socioreligious differences or plain malice, gets repeated and reproduced in newspapers, judicial documents, digital media and in individual conversations. There is a direct causal link between the law and the incidence of blasphemy. This may seem counter-intuitive but the evidence is compelling. The available data indicates there were less than ten cases of alleged blasphemy between andbefore the law was passed, whereas there have been over 1, allegations in the subsequent 30 years. In the passage of both the recently enacted Election Reforms Amendment Bill and Section C back inwe can see a rush to legislate without proper democratic debate, reflection and accountability.

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