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There are two main battles.

The first is among the passive funds that track various indices. Fidelity Investments recently made history by becoming the first company to offer two equity index funds with zero management fees. All had been involved in an intense price war to wrest index fund market share from one another. How do I invest on the JSE? The second is among online stockbrokers, which provide online trading platforms. JP Morgan has gone live with a new service that allows free-stock trades a year. The scramble has intensified because more Americans have come to rely on fees as a predictor of success.

Best Online Brokerages in Singapore 2019

There are many other things to consider, but investors should bani expense ratios their first or second screen. Are local online brokers shouldering each other out by undercutting fees? Are South Africans rushing to invest in the cheapest offerings, especially if this is a fairly good predictor of fund success defined by Morningstar as surviving a period and outperforming competitors? One digital financial services provider, EasyEquities, is offering super-cheap prices in the hope of reeling in first-time and younger investors. The company charges 64c for R invested. In South Africa, that is most certainly true.

EasyEquities also requires no minimum investment amount and there are no monthly account fees.

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The rest are icing on the cake. Trading platform that does not suck — Fellow users of Standard Chartered who have been with them from the start will get this. On the bright side, Saxo has a very decent online trading platform, and an app that actually works. Much better forex spreads — The last I checked, Standard Chartered imposes about a bp spread on the forex, which is frankly ridiculous.

Whatever you saved on the commission might actually go into the forex spread, depending on how frequently you trade. Saxo has a better 50bp spread. This is still bamk when compared to DBS Vickers, but you do save quite significantly on the minimum commission and custodian fee when compared to DBS Vickers. When I evaluate a broker, all I want is to be able to buy and sell a share, on the cheap. That being said, Saxo does have a wealth of technical information and analyst reports, if you are into that sort of stuff. I opened a SGD denominated account by mistake, which means the conversion to USD only happens when I place a trade, and when I sell a stock, it automatically converts back to SGD to deposit into my account.

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This means that I lose the forex spread each time I make a trade. We now have, nOline date, 20 different SKUs, and we have 30, new retail locations and million in sales. Also being a little bit disruptive now … and you have to be creative. You have to be creative.


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