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Other free online trading tools can be found on numerous websites, as well as incorporated into many of the currency trading platforms offered by online forex brokers. This includes MetaTrader 4, which will be covered in further detail later in this article. Other free tools for forex traders can be readily found on the Internet at various forex news and information websites. Some of them are apps that can be used online, while others can be downloaded in spreadsheet form or exist as functions to augment standard spreadsheet programs like Microsoft Excel. Economic News Calendar Tool One of the most useful and popular tools for the forex trader is the economic news calendar.

This list provides traders with the future market consensus, as well as previously released outcomes, for key economic data and relevant geopolitical events. It also usually lists the timing of central bank policy statements, monetary policymaker speeches and elections. This important forex trading tool is of special interest to fundamental analysts.

taining Economic calendars are typically offered by forex brokers and financial news websites. This vital fundamental information is usually available on most online calendars one or two weeks in advance of the releases listed. In addition, the type of release will generally be coded in some way depending on whether it has a metatracer impact, a medium impact, a light impact or no impact at all. If the economic release has a low impact, then the currency pair will typically have a small or nonexistent reaction to a deviation from the consensus, while a medium impact event will make the currency pair move to a greater degree if the result deviates from the consensus.

When the number of the release is significantly higher or lower than the market expectation, especially when it comes to items with a high impact, the currency pair associated with the release tends to move more and experiences considerably more market volatility in the process. Financial Newswire Access As an adjunct to the economic calendareconomic news is disseminated by a wide range of financial publications.

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Reports of the speeches, official press conferences and policy statements released by these metaatrader tend to be published metatradr on the financial newswires, and they meattrader now taining promptly on the Internet as well. Pip Calculator Tool Working with amounts expressed in foreign currencies can be somewhat confusing if one is not familiar with the pip valuation system. A metatradeer pip calculator is a Forxe trading tool that allows the trader to determine the amount a pip is worth based on the size of their position in their local currency. A typical pip calculator might also show the pip value for a specified currency pair based a Standard lot ofunits, a Mini lot of 10, units, and a Micro lot of 1, units.

Dollars per Euro. If this currency pair is trading at 1. To use the pip calculator, a trader simply has to enter the details of their position that include the instrument or currency pair, the size of the trade, the amount of currency in the account, and the leverage and position size parameters. This tool is extremely useful to keep track of the amounts that positions are worth in the account. Click Here to Join The Currency Correlation Tool Because the foreign exchange market is made up of multiple pairs of currencies, known and calculable correlations exist between currencies, which can be positive or negative, with correlations typically being more prominent in some pairs than in others.

For example, the Swiss Franc generally has a positive correlation with the Euro. These two currency pairs had a very strong positive correlation before the announcement of Brexit, but now they have a much weaker positive correlation.

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Mataf offers a currency correlation tool that is popular among many forex traders. Correlations can be listed precisely, and can also be coded in intervals. A list of possible correlation intervals from As an added feature, many correlation tables have their computed boxes color coded where, for example, red is a perfect inverse correlation and blue is a perfect positive correlation, and the rest of the rainbow is assigned in increments to segments situated in between those correlation extremes. Broker Spread Comparison Tool One of the most important elements that spread sensitive traders tend to examine before selecting a forex broker is their typical dealing spreads.

A tight dealing spread is always preferred by traders, since getting in and out of positions can be considerably less costly if a trader is able to execute their trades at the better exchange rates generally offered by a tighter spread. Conversely, a wide dealing spread increases the cost of trading and can severely hamper short term traders, such as scalpers who make money by taking positions that they intend to liquidate as soon as a small profit materializes. A typical spread comparison website generally shows the spreads brokers usually quote on major currency pairs, sometimes separated by USD pairs, EUR pairs, GBP pairs, etc.

Many spread comparison websites will allow a browsing trader to filter by currency pair, session or time frame, and they give the trader an edge when it comes to knowing which broker is offering the most competitive dealing spreads. Unlike most of the tools designed for forex traders, comparing dealer spreads becomes somewhat unnecessary once you have selected a broker to operate with since switching forex brokers afterwards can be inconvenient for a variety of reasons. Forex Time Zone Converter The time periods that a trader chooses to be active in the forex market can make a considerable difference to their bottom line.

What normal people would want to spend their time, money and effort on this fruitless task?

There metatader just 2 possibilities available for you now: Either choose the path of failure or buy what is teaining the best trading simulator in existence and avoid losing anything. No one can guarantee that you will learn how to trade with our trading simulator, however. It all depends on your work ethic, dedication and ability to analyze your learning methods and trading actions. It depends on whether you make the right decisions and stick with them.

How Forex Tester can improve your trading results:

Money management. There are a lot of smart and disciplined traders who still cannot succeed in the forex market. The reason for this is that they lack an incredibly valuable pillar in their trading: They completely misunderstand the importance of money management. Currency trading requires traders to follow strict rules regarding how much they can afford to lose on a single trade and how many trades they can lose per month. If you neglect these fixed rules, or if you do not pay enough attention to them, you will never take your trading to the professional level.

One can make amazing trading decisions, be fully in charge of his or her emotions and win most trades.

But all of this success can be fruitless with a single yraining that was opened where the trader did not stick to the basic principles of money management. Backtesting, however, allows traders to build their knowledge of these principles. In short, forex training is impossible without forex software — especially without a trade simulator. Start sharpening your money management skills today with the help of Forex Tester 3, the best trading simulator one can find. Correct Your Mistakes.

Effective learning about trianing trading includes the opportunity to correct your mistakes. Most traders do not understand that it is practically impossible to learn forex by using demo and live accounts. Demo accounts give you a chance to learn forex trading if you have dozens of years ahead of you, and live accounts make it impossible for you to fix your mistakes. You have already lost the trade or range of tradesand the forex analysis will help you avoid making the same mistakes in future, but you simply cannot change the past.

Forex simulators, in turn, can take you back in time so you can truly correct your mistakes immediately — you can backtest your strategy as many times as you need.

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