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Less competition With fewer active traders, an individual can nab favorable prices that may not be available once more liquidity enters the market again. Unfortunately, this advantage also has a downside. Less competition means: Less volume Erratic price moves While it is possible to get some favorable prices and trades after hours, you could also be on the losing end of that deal you might be the one giving a good price to someone else. With wild price swings and sporadic volume, if you end up on the wrong side of a move it can be devastating. There may be lots of volume in the stock overall, but not necessarily at the price you want to get in or out at. Another con is that what looks like an easy trade on a chart may actually not be.

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The attached chart larger version shows an earnings release right after the bell. That means very few people were able to buy this stock aftfr cover short positions. As the stock price begins to settle down around 4: Even though a lot dinners the movement had already afetr by 4: Between 4: Keep the following factors in mind when making trading decisions. How Does it Work? After-hours trading works differently depending on your broker. As I mentioned before, brokers set their own rules about what types of trades you can make, what hours constitute after-hours trading, and whether you have to pay extra.

Otherwise, you can buy, sell, and short stock the same way you would during the day. Just keep in mind that the economic indicators need to be strong. You want to know what a specific stock has done during previous after-hours markets.

Has it held its price overnight, for the most part? Are there any specific catalysts that tend to make it break out once the market closes? Brokers For After Hours Traders There are a couple brokers, in particular, that you might consider for after-hours trading. You should also investigate other brokers on your own to figure out which one is most ideal for your trading strategy.

And keep in mind that their executions can lag so much for their savings in commissions! In fact, the opposite is often true. This broker lets clients trade after hours from 4: Patience is also relevant to entry and exits. Then you will adjust and chase the price which will move again. Eventually you will hold on to your opinions and wait for the other side to take it. From my experience if the underlying is liquid, all day trades with middle prices will be filled. The market can bounce, and you will be naked. Your losses could get smaller. I had a bear spread after the market selloff in Febfixed it with 0.

The next day it became 0. You may start playing a new instrument right away and probably anyone could do some sounds after a weeks or so. After a month you will be able to play some notes and hopefully a song. The question is how long will it take you to play like Steve Vai?

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He mentioned practicing 8 hours a day, and sure he is gifted, but then again, hard work is key. Similarly, trading requires a lot of practice. Getting to a level of trading effortlessly is what divides professionals and hobby traders. The learning never stops. The best content is available online and mainly for free. Those guys will teach you everything you need to know. One of the most frustrating concepts in trading options, besides the commissions is market makers. Market makers are essentially the players that run the show. Those minor differences compound like a snow ball. As mentioned before, commissions are part of the problem, but without them there will be no arenas to trade in.

The real issue is market makers bluffing the order books. All of the infrastructures are automated, and the fast players are everywhere to catch your trades, happily providing you high prices when buying and low prices when selling. The only way to beat it is to use limit orders and try to anticipate the middle price. This a-ha moment seems like a minor issue, but multiplying trades by 2. Never use market orders or bid-ask raw prices, always target the mid-price or better. You must understand and know how to utilize any setup and combination depending on lighting conditions. Once you know it, then the real art begins. In case of failure I can easily resume my trading immediately with all the software I need.

My network connectivity is pretty stable.

afteer On bad weather or rare incidents I have multiple network adapters so that my smartphone becomes a hot spot. I added multiple automation layers to make my trading robust and consistent as possible. Analysis paralysis is bad, particularly in trading. Try to eliminate manual interrogations as much as you can. I made dozens of fat finger errors, and probably lost couple of thousands due to wrong prices and combinations of multiple trades. Rushing and lack of knowledge will lead to dumb mistakes and loss of capital. Learn your trading software thoroughly.

Analysis Paralysis Over-trading is bad.

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Trading is super exciting and you become a junkie. You are too eager to trade, improve and winnerss, eventually you are stuck and then you do more harm than good. I had futures and tastytrade broadcast on one screen, and my positions on the other screen. I learned the hard way that trading options is done at the opening bell and closing bells only.

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Everything else is bad. Removing balance, PNL market value and all money related indicators of my portfolio is good. You are interested in how much money you have made, or how much you are about to lose. Dropping money from the routine is good for your performance. You must think in probabilities and risk to reward rather than in dollars. We can see how a little preparation, before we ever set a trade, has radical results on the return and the risk.

NVDAtrading weekly options. Winning is on purpose — it takes a little bit of effort — for a lot of return — and it leads to the deeper reality. V it has, and that makes for a powerful result. Here is a quick 4-minute demonstration video that will change your option trading life forever: Tap here to see the Trade Machine in action Thanks for reading, friends.

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