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For example: In this case, the investor will not exercise its put option as the same is out of the money but will sell its share hadball current market price CMP o;tion earn the difference between CMP and initial price of stock i. Had the investor not been purchased sock along with the put option, he would have been end up incurring loss of his premium towards option purchase. Therefore, the very next thing which we have to take into consideration is impact of dividend on put-call parity. Since interest is a cost to an investor who borrows funds to purchase stock and benefit to investor who shorts the stock or securities by investing the funds.

The two very competent office managers, the Head of Sports and the Head of Administration, were eased out and replaced by President himself and his long-time crony and compatriot as the persons running the IHF Office and supervising all activities.

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Naturally, it is not surprising if virtually every member for a key position in FIFA is able to bring accusations against rivals and their supporters. It is likely to be a hard job in Paruty circles to figure out who are the ones who do not have a skeleton in the closet. And of course, the best chances of staying one step ahead in the FIFA power struggle is to make use of the various resources that come with the presidency and to hold on to that position. Arbitrage Opportunity When put-call parity principle gets violated, traders will try to take advantage of the arbitrage opportunity.

An arbitrage trader will go long on the undervalued portfolio and short the overvalued portfolio to make a risk-free profit.

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Let us now consider an example with some numbers to see how a trade can take advantage of arbitrage opportunities. The following steps can be followed to earn the arbitrage profits. Short the stock. Short the put option. Purchase the call option. Return from the zero coupon bond after three months will be This stock will be used to cover the short.

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