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Videos consists out of 2 elements: An example of this would be that you have a MOV file the file format with a H. Youtube currently uses the FLV format with an H. The VLC player should play almost any format available.

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AVI Codec: Once selected a pop-up menu will appear giving options as to what codec you want. AVI Jpeg: Compressed but lossy. AVI Raw: Once selected, a pop-up menu will appear giving various video codecs to choose from. Can also remain uncompressed.

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Blnder File Path Choose the location to save rendered frames. When rendering an animation, the frame number is appended at the end of the file name with four padded zeros e. You can set a custom padding size by adding the appropriate number of anywhere in the file name e. Overwrite Overwrite existing files when rendering.

Placeholders Create empty placeholder frames while rendering. File Extensions Adds the lBender file extensions per file type to the output files. Cache Result Saves the rendered image and passes to a multi-layer EXR file in temporary location on your hard drive. This allows the compositor to read these to improve performance, especially for heavy compositing.

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Output Format Choose the file format to save to. Based on which format is used, other options such as channels, bit depth and compression level are available. For rendering out to images see: Color Mode Choose the color format to save the image to. Note that RGBA will not be available for all image formats.

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