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I just want you to understand the whole idea. Please remember that you have to minimize risk by setting the maximum open lots sulu your wish. Pendingg, if you leave all 20 mini lots open with high offset pip values for each SP, it will also help to minimize risk and at the same time profitable. It's left for you to decide either to use the offset pip setting as a risk controller or using the maximum open lot setting.

If you have difficulty selecting good signal providers, i can help you select them. Just open a live account with my affiliate urland receive only the best signal providers which i have selected for you. Please ask me any questions based on this matter, I'll be glad to help out. Forex is always risky but at last, Profitable! Offset Pips: Offset Pips enables you to open trades at a different rate than the Trader, by opening their trades in your account as pending orders with an offset entry rate. Market Orders: For every Market Order executed by your Trader, you will receive a pending order with the entry rate of the market rate price as placed by the Trader, minus or plus the offset value you have set in pips.

If the Trader closes down the trade before your pending order is opened at market, the pending order will be cancelled. Pending Orders: Pending orders placed by the Trader will not be received in your account but only upon their entry execution. You will then receive a pending order in your account with the entry rate as defined by the Trader minus or plus your defined offset value in pips, as with the Market Orders above. The possible values in the Offset Pips setting can be either negative, or positive: Negative Offset value opens trade after a certain drawdown Example: So once this rate is reached at your Broker account, the pending order will be opened at market. This way, you will have saved the initial drawdown of 20pips made by the Trader - so if this trade ends up with a profit of 10 pips for the Trader, it will have a profit of 30 pips at your account!

Positive Offset value opens trade after a certain profit Example: This means that you will have missed the initial profit of 20 pips made by the Trader - so if this trade ends up with a profit of 30 pips for the Trader, it will result in a profit of only 10 pips in your account.

ZuluTrade Investors' Guide/Manual

However, if the trade Pendign and remained negative without ever going to profit, you would be able to fully avoid it by placing a positive Ordsr value. To avoid broker rejection of the calculated Entry Rate value, please enter a value of 5 pips or more. Pip Spacing: With Iin spacing you can limit the amount of trades opened in your account by a Trader on a given currency pair and on the nearly-the-same price only by specifying your entry rate range value in pips! Pending orders: Then you set 10 as your Pip Spacing value on the Advanced Settings per currency section.

All others trades with an entry rate of less than 10 pips away will be rejected. The trade will be rejected on user's account. Again, the trade will be rejected as the entry rate is closer than the pip spacing value of 10 pips from the first trade received.

The orrder is 1. Trade will be received as it exceeds the predefined pip spacing value. Lock Trader: This function enables you to receive only the opening signals of Traders, while opting out from any subsequent updates or closing signal. Once a Trader is locked, the icon will change to a secured lock icon.

You can unlock a locked Trader at any time — please note that any trades opened as locked because the Trader was locked at the time of opening will remain locked and should be handled by you, or you may unlock them from the Positions tab so as to receive subsequent updates. Time Filter: By clicking at the Clock icon, you can set different weekly trading times for the specific Trader. If you configure the Time Filter for a Trader, the Clock icon will be highlighted so as to indicate that the trading time intervals vary for at least one time interval.

Configure Currencies: Without leverage [6] few people could access Forex trading. There are over different brokers in the world. How to win in Zulutrade? Now you know how Zulutrade works, but what really matters is how to win. For this we have developed Zulu4me, we analyze all Zulutrade traders and choose only the best. In this way, we were able to create a portfolio of automatic diversified and low risk traders.

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We avoid traders ending up with unexpected losses, grids and martingales. To create a Demo Account: Open a Demo Account in Zulutrade here, we help you: Real Account with other brokers: Have completed the verification process by submitting a valid identification document as well as a proof of address. Traders may enable the AutoPay service on the Revenue page of their account. On the 1st business day of each calendar month, they will be receiving automatically the accrued commissions of the previous month directly in their trading account.

There are no minimum amount requirements nor fees apply if AutoPay is enabled. Also please take the following under consideration: Before issuing payments, all trades need to be checked against our Trading Compliance rules and relevant commissions need to be collected from our collaborating Brokers; the estimated time frame required to process a payment after a request has been made via our website is approximately 60 days.

Please ensure that your bank account details, PayPal account or ZuluTrade Mastercard is set up properly to avoid foerx complications with payment. The Traders must at all times fully, promptly, truthfully and transparently communicate with the Investors copying their strategies via Social Pages, as well as the ZuluTrade Traders Community Desk. For this reason, Traders who apply abusive trading behavior, introducing high risks to their Investors, will be examined carefully and if deemed malicious, they will be refused compensation.

Please note that payment must be requested within 30 days of receipt of the termination notification. Payment requests received after this period will be rejected. Accounts with considerable deposits can be characterized from the Broker as Institutional due to the low spread offered.

Captain for a quick event, Zulutrade is a good trading platform it will vary as a motley order in your own account until the potential of the. ZuluTrade Devising. work volume – odrer trades;; Every number of bad habits and pending orders - no limits;; Hedge Call/ Stop Out emotions 40%/20%. The clear leaves in Forex are those things that are handled to the queue The most common use of Disproportionate Orders is the country of one or.

Pfnding for such accounts is 0. Trading Compliance Rules Trading When trading from a Demo account, please make zullu your trading strategy complies with the following restrictions: There is an upper limit of market and pending orders, orer well as a limit of update signals, permitted to be broadcast to Investors within a hour interval. Maximum overall number allowed of open - market and pending - orders is limited to ; any further signals will not be broadcast to Investors. Please note that none of the above restrictions apply to Traders operating on a Live Account. Trading from MT4 Terminals In addition to the above rules for Traders operating on MT4 terminals and outside of the ZuluTrade web interface, compliance with the following rules is also expected: Closing partial lots is not supported.

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Altering ordsr mt4 trading records and statistics in any way is strictly prohibited. Closing trades via the 'Close by' type is not supported. In order to avoid extremes, Traders are required to comply with a minimum set of guidelines that aim to reduce risks, such as: A Trader's maximum total draw-down should not exceed their profit in pips.

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