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Postal address and Physical Location: We are just off the 10th St.

Swimming Goggles

Abouh the freeway, head south to Willamette Falls Dr. Turn right on Willamette Falls Dr. We are the first commercial "house" on the left. Parking is available in front of the building. Email us to schedule an appointment.

We also are considering travelling to other parts of the country soon with Wport Sight for Sport Eyes tour bus. Distance only is ssport for these situations. If you get the glasses in single vision and really decide you need to have progressives, you can always utilize our one time exchange policy and since you will have the frame in hand at this point, you can always get measured, and send the glasses back for the one time remake into progressives or bifocals. If you do need bifocals or progressives If you are local and can come into our retail store in the Portland, OR metro area.

There are companies that do offer progressives or bifocals online.


We think this is unethical. Bifocals and progressives require taking precise measurements with the frame on your face. Eeyes frames are just what I was looking for--stylish and appear to be a light, yet durable design they're made to military specs. The ordering experience was outstanding. Looking forward to getting out on the road with these soon.

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This company delivered my prescription polarized lenses for my Smith Factor frames in a reasonable dyes frame. It seems that it is made with high quality and just as hoped. I have not tried them in an outdoors active setting, but I do not expect to have any issues with them. Thanks, Sport Eyes!

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