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Move Up - move the selected layer one position up in the list.

Delete - delete the selected layer. Properties - use to open the Layer Properties dialog in which optoon can edit the layer properties of the selected layer. Designator Print Settings Use the drop-down to select which component designator data to print. Choices include: Specific Area - select to print specific areas. Additional Information - allows you to control whether or not net information is generated in the PDF. If this option is enabled, you can select whether or not to generate additional bookmarks in the PDF for nets for Pins, Net Labels, and Ports.

How can I print the entire message history for my account?

Include Component Parameters - enable to include parameters for components. Global Bookmarks for Components and Nets - enable to use global bookmarks for components and nets. The resulting global bookmarks can be found beneath the list of schematic sheets included in the generated PDF. If you'll be using an offset printing service, select Commercial Press. If you'll be using a high-end copy shop, select High quality printing. Standard and Minimum size are additional options designed for online distribution or on-screen display only.

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Click the Pack and Go Wizard button. In newss Pack and Go Wizard, choose the location where you want to export the file, and then click Next. If you pack multiple publications, save each packed publication to a separate folder. Otherwise, the Pack and Go Wizard will overwrite any pre-existing packed publications. You can save the file to removable media, a hard disk drive, an external drive, or a network drive.

neas Save files to removable media If you are taking your publication on disk to the printing service, click the appropriate drive usually D or E optiob removable media such as a writable CD or USB Flash Drive. Save files wixard a hard disk drive, an external drive, or a network If you are putting your files on an external drive, a network, or your computer's hard disk drive, click Browse, choose the drive and folder that you want, and then click OK. You can later upload the file to a Web site if your commercial printing service uses file submission on the Web. Click Next or Finish. Select or clear the Print a composite proof check box, and then click OK. In that case, it is important that you find out if you own a license for the latest PDF Annotator version maybe you do own one, but you just never upgraded!

Please remember that you can always request your license information.

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If you do not own a license for the latest version, download the appropriate version from wuzard Archive. Of course, you could also frkm to upgrade your license and start using the new version on the new computer. Please note that in any case, you will need your original license information, consisting of a license number and an unlock key, to install PDF Annotator on the new computer. If you can't find your license, you can request your license information.

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Save the downloaded setup to the new computer, and execute it on the new computer. Windows will probably first ask for your permission to run this setup with administrative privileges. Choose Yes to allow it to execute. Please wait a moment while PDF Annotator installs.

Unlock Wizarx Annotator on the new computer Now, we need to unlock the new installation using your existing license number and unlock key. It is recommended to copy your license number and unlock key, all together, into the Windows clipboard before proceeding with the Unlock Wizard. Follow the instructions in the Unlock Wizard.

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