Best twitter accounts for forex fx

It might sound stupid at first we thought so, toobut it really gets addicting!

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Fortunately, we have been able to find some legitimate people to interact with and some cool people have found us, too. So, the following tweeps are all forex twitetr or forex newbies who tweet about stuff like current twltter, specific trades, favorite sites, software they use, commentary, observations, and some personal quips here and there. They also tend to participate in the conversation, so they are likely to respond to you if you want to interact with them: You can follow all of these accounts with just one-click! BlackmanCapital — Jeffery Blackman is risk-averse private trading firm and system designer that swing trades forex and U.

His tweets include trading advice, commentary, and he interacts a lot with his followers.

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BladeTrading — Eduardo Gertum is a self-taught and self-employed forex acccounts. His tweets include commentary and specific tweets, and he tweets a lot! His tweets include some forex news and commentary, and a lot of interaction with his followers. His analysis of US data and especially teh Fed are very useful.

63 Top Forex Twitter Accounts

PipCzar — Blake Morrow lives, eats and acccounts the markets and this can be seen on his Twitter account. His musings are up to date and very amusing. He provides rapid news updates, some of which normal media often ignores. Follow Sara here. JarrattDavis Jarratt is a cool guy and I had the opportunity to chat with him for a bit when I interviewed him for the podcast. His site is worth checking out because his is one of the few educators who primarily uses fundamental analysis. Follow Jarratt here. Inthe usage of Twitter has certainly grown for currency traders.

Top 40 Best Forex Twitter Accounts that will Help You Trade Better

Tweets provide immediate news, quick analysis, recommendations about interesting articles, a place to showcase charts and a place to interact with fellows in the world of forex. New list from September The updates cover a wide range of currencies. Following FXStreetNews is an excellent way to keep up to date. His level of interaction and support to traders is huge.

Forexcom appears foeex be another great source of technical analysis as well as fundamental news analysis. Forex Factory is the accountss place for traders who like to engage in constructive talk about new trading ideas and Forex analysis. One of the interesting features of Forex Factory is the diversity of information that can be obtained from the Calendar section or the News section. Forex Live will keep you updated with the latest Forex news 24 hours a day covering all major trading sessions.

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