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When an option loses its time value, the intrinsic value is left over, which is equivalent to the difference between the strike price less the underlying stock price.

Is 40% Per Month Shorting Index Puts a Fair Return?

If an option has intrinsic value, it is in the money EEquity. Investors could short sell the stock at the current kptions market price, rather than exercising an out of the pptions put option at an undesirable strike price. Time value is reflected in the premium of the option. This gives you exposure to the broader market which the index represents, without having to choose a particular stock. Leverage - index options, like ordinary options, provide leveraged profit opportunities. When the market rises or fallspercentage gains or losses are greater than rises or falls in the underlying index.

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SPX Options - Conversion to the Hybrid Platform

Current and Historical Averages: Inrex Jan — June Source: Analysis period is limited by the PutWrite Index which incepted in June There is no guarantee any investment program will be successful or perform as expected. Benefits of Active Management in Optionw Put Writing In our view, the addition of collateralized index put writing strategies can benefit investor portfolios as they seek to smooth volatility and manage equity risk, especially at challenging times. Some passive vehicles are available that mimic the PutWrite Index, as are active strategies that seek to enhance the index in various ways. We believe such active approaches can provide a more effective way to capture the attractive risk-adjusted return potential of index put writing.

Put Writing: Why Now? The equity market environment may become more unsettled, given shifts in the global political landscape and reduced quantitative easing and central bank intervention. These two puzzles exist only as long as one assumes the buyers and the sellers of the puts have their eyes on the PREMIUM which changes hands.

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Equty, my view is that both the sellers and buyers of the puts have their eyes on the rare but very real possibility that a very large pput of money might change changes if the underlying index experiences a significant decline during the life of the put contracts. Once one considers the cash reserves necessary to meet margin calls in such rare but real cases, the amount of monthly profit drops significantly in percentage terms and no longer appears irrational. In fact it appears rather normal. Since this put option has the right to sell stock FFF at a higher price compared to the current market value, it has intrinsic value and therefore can most likely be sold at a profit.

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In that case, the seller of the put option gets to keep the premium paid by the buyer. Plus index quotes: Breakdown of the order entry tab: Order details Description Symbol Lookup the symbol or the name of the company of the underlying security you would like to trade and tap the snap quote button to get quotes in real-time data applies to certain exchanges only Expiry Date at which an option owner can exercise their right to buy or sell shares of the underlying stock Strike price Price at which the option owner can buy or sell the shares Quantity Number of option contracts the option owner will purchase Order type Select the type of order you want to use.

To learn more about the different order types, click here Duration Select a duration to specify how long the order should remain active.

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