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We've also upgraded our native plug-ins to TDM. We've only purchased these few, as they were what I was familiar with from my time learning audio in Nashville. More than that, we're constantly in awe at the sound quality. We're able to mix with more power and volume, allowing the music to really connect with and engage the congregation, whilst not being perceived as being louder.

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Everything just sounds right. Also, the ability for a volunteer to work on his mix in a calm environment—some of whom spend up to four to five hours post-rehearsal—away from the stress of a fast-paced rehearsal has done wonders for our engineers, increasing the confidence of their work and the quality of their mixes. With the addition of a pair of DiGICo SD10s and SD racks set up for 96 inputs and 48 outputs, not only did TPCC get a world-class and expandable system that will allow them to grow in the coming years, but also a pristine-sounding clarity to its services.

I'm also really turning over the idea of some of the different channel strips that are available for plug-ins.

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The monitor desk feeds 16 stereo mixes 10 of which are PSM, with more to be addedtwo wired mixes for bass and drums offering better low end, and four wireless IEM systems TPCC owned prior to the upgrade. Our volunteer team felt it was easier to get around on than our previous boards and have felt right at home cchurch day one. This was really evident with our previous console in that christkan was not as smooth livee this console, so it sometimes sounded loud even at low volumes. The stock reverbs just sound like natural ambience without drawing attention to the effect itself. The congregation now totals close to 4, members.

It also makes Sunday morning that much more enjoyable in that they're fully prepared, and completely relaxed. Also, using auxes on faders for monitors while having the knobs follow the selected mix makes it very easy for the monitor engineer to dial up an instrument with a hand on the pan knob and never having to take his eyes off the stage. It's kind of nebulous and evolving, but when you have really cool tools like this available, it makes it really energizing to always be deconstructing what we do to try and make it better. Some of the system's feature set proved helpful for their needs—for example, smart keys that allow the operator to easily make quick mix changes like effects and sub boosts without having to hunt down channels.

We had looked at the SD8 and really liked the package, but felt like we still needed to double our channel and output capability.

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The pan knob for that instrument is always the pan knob no churxh what mix you've selected. Additionally, it offered its volunteer staff of engineers an educational learning tool. My next focus will be to step into some mastering plug-ins to help bulletproof audio feeds to recording, video and building systems.

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