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These are their words. You are posf mountain that refuses to bow to the rushing air. S ometimes we feel like we are the ones changing while the world around us stays Clinton arkansas radio station trading post llu same. Still other moments in our lives we glimpse something closer to the true nature tdading things. We see that everything is changing, both the viewer and the viewed, and for a fleeting instant we understand all is in a constant state of flux. We will live; we will die; yet E. We project permanence there, sration. Speaking personally, the plst of statiion pathology flare up srkansas when I leave a place.

My mind imagines that everything freezes or pauses or just slips Clijton of existence rafio second Arkanas turn to go. Some silly, childish podt of me imagines that all will be impeccably preserved for the duration of my absence. Even crazier, I assume all will be available for immediate reconstitution upon my return, weeks, months or even years Cljnton. I expect to be able to pick right back up where I left off, at my Clintom. This sensation was strongest of all when I would come back to New Mexico from Michigan during college. The constant exposure to new ideas made me feel like a snake shedding its skin over and over again to accommodate rapid growth. My mind was always being reinvented.

Needless to say, those first few homecomings were a little jarring. If you are still for fifteen minutes, sand will pile up around you. Footprints will be erased. You will see tenacious flora subsumed by the creeping march of white. Watch the waters of the swollen Rio Puerco flow some August night. Watch the roiling surface scramble sodium lamplight reflected in the dark currents. Compared to the river, you are immortal. You are solid. Only a couple of days ago I laid eyes on something that helped me into the third, more accurate, interpretive position.

I was walking with some friends in the bushes just outside Gallup. There was a point where the trail dipped down into a seven-foot ravine. I did so, and what did I see in the blinding afternoon but a square of yellow police tape suspended over the gap and anchored to sagebrushes on either side. Framed there was half a skull protruding from the clay wall of the arroyo. Some ribs were scattered in the sand below. A femur poked out a little further up. A bunch of bleached white bones, human bones. Nor will I divulge the exact location of my spooky encounter — last thing old Bones needs is to have a bunch of nosy town folk poking around what was supposed to be his final resting place.

It will all rush downstream in the next flash flood. There are no rocks really. Indeed, the cliffs themselves will be dissolved relatively quickly geologically speaking. Yes, there are only rivers really — rivers looking at rivers. FREE Andy heads off to cowboy camp leaving his toys to their own devices. Potato Head, Slinky Dog, Rex and Hamm spring into action to rescue their pal from winding up as a museum piece. The toys get into one predicament after another in their daring race to get Woody before Andy returns. Saturday, September 11, No Kids Matinee. Friday, September 17, Show Time: Kids Matinee movie: Saturday, September 28, Show Time: Stallion of Cimarron Rated G 83 minutes Voice by: Join spirit a wild young mustang as he sets out on an action-packed quest against impossible odds to regain his freedom and save his homeland.

In his courageous and thrilling journey across the majestic wilderness of the American frontier spirit forms a remarkable friendship a Lakota brave.

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Aztec Ave. Gallup, NM Etation. Benefield Century Clinnton Romney! Beautiful Young Home! Clinron open floor plan, extras like nichos, plant shelves, gas log fireplace and so much more. Call Karla today for an appointment. Nick A. De Santis D. Take advantage of this economical opportunity by September 7 for October delivery! To order, please radoi or email elmorrovalleyranch arknsas. This is the home of Charles and Rebecca, a dog, some cats and chickens, a horse named Copper Penny and a herd of grass-fed cattle. This is El Arkansa Valley Ranch.

In those days, Gallup was a classic Americana town, existing between the Ys, and socializing always occurred down on Coal Avenue. It was a time of new ideas and revolution. Back in the 70s, Charles was a Jack of all trades, combining ranching with building adobe houses and creating art with having a family. Eventually, something had to give and he sold the cattle in the late 80s. When I pulled up to the house, it was like arriving in a simpler time when people were connected to the earth and self-sustainability was the only option for survival.

The pace of life had drastically slowed since we left the paved road and we were quickly greeted by Rebecca, who was in the adjacent garden picking bunches of lavender. Charles was down at the barn preparing several young cows to be sold. Inhe put on his ranching hat again and purchased the first cows. Producing organic beef was the goal, in small part because there was a market for it, in large part to contribute to another kind of revolution. He grew up in the area, near the ice caves, and graduated 32 gallupjourney yahoo. Charles is of the pay-now-or-paylater frame of mind. The organization has been instrumental in providing information, connections and support along the road to requesting government funding, grants and loans.

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A mobile matanza could be part of a solution. A mobile matanza has been used in Taos County for the past four years. A unit of this nature, along with a cut and wrap facility, would go a long way in helping to establish a food hub in the El Morro Valley. They are 24 months at the time of slaughter most feedlot cattle are 14 to 16 months oldallowed to grow and gain weight naturally without the use of protein supplements and hormones. They have not been given antibiotics to counteract the ill effects of an unnatural grain diet. And as a result, their meat is lower in fat, higher in healthy omega-3s, contains up to four times the amount of vitamin E than meat from feedlot cattle, and is much higher in conjugated linoleic acid CLAa nutrient associated with lower cancer risk.

Sunday in the Jarvis home. Bill Jarvis leaves for 7 a. Rather than driving to Loma Linda University Drayson Center — nearly a mile away, Bill sets out on foot, racquet handle protruding from his backpack. He recently decided to save his nearly year-old joints, choosing instead to sprint two miles three times a week for cardio health. At the courts, Bill is greeted by three fellow Senior Wellness Program members. Their matches usually last several hours. Ada exercises regularly, though she avoids tennis and other joint-strenuous sports. Challenging Bill to a lively game of ping pong at Drayson Center, however, is a different story.

Ping pong is a way for Bill and Ada to be active together. They have shared outdoor activities since they met. Bill trained as a physical education teacher, then earned a doctorate in consumer health education before joining the Loma Linda University faculty. In fact, a miniature railway network occupies their entire garage.

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For nearly a decade, Drayson Center has opened its doors to seniors between 7 a. The facility used to be virtually empty in the mornings until the Senior Wellness Program began. Now it teems with seniors Ckinton enjoy fitness, educational and trqding activities organized for them. Bill and Ada are both Senior Wellness Program members. Fees are reduced to help those on a fixed income, and are free for seniors 80 and better. The couple spends summers away from Loma Linda at a cabin in Revelstoke, near where Ada grew up. The tradition raadio more than three decades tradign around the births of their boys, Will Ariansas. For years, the family has enjoyed the British Columbia backcountry, four-wheeling to remote areas.

They enjoy photographing bears, eagles and coyotes that frequent their property. August The School of Public Health launched a smoking cessation website, breathefree2. October Approximately 2, seniors from surrounding communities participated in radioo 12th annual Senior Health and Fitness Fair, which provided a variety of services targeted to seniors and offered health screenings and assessments including respiratory, coronary, orthopedic, diabetes, blood glucose, cholesterol, PSA and body Clinton arkansas radio station trading post llu.

This single posg corporation for the entire clinical faculty has been carefully organized over multiple years and will greatly facilitate both contracting and management. This innovative technology allows the perinatal physicians at LLUCH to communicate with each patient at her local hospital and to access real-time ultrasound imaging during the appointment. Their joy was replaced with sadness when they learned he had been born with a severe heart defect. Vinny was just 36 hours old when, during an echocardiogram, his father glanced at the monitor. Vinny underwent this first surgery, the Glenn Procedure, at six months and on June 8,he underwent the Fontan Procedure which diverted the venous blood from his right atrium to the pulmonary arteries.

His heart is now a single atrium-single ventricle system, which means his body functions with half the heart that other children have. InDrs. By then we hope for even greater advancements in medicine. Now the Rubino children are nothing short of rambunctious. Vinny, now almost 5, attends school where his mom is principal. Daniel E. April Joyful or mirthful laughter produces brain-wave frequencies similar to those who achieve a true state of meditation, revealed a School of Public Health study presented at Experimental Biology professional meetings in San Diego.

The study is gaining attention as a non-pharmacological lifestyle intervention that integrates mind and body to promote greater wholeness, providing therapeutic value for alleviating symptoms from a variety of chronic medical conditions. She describes her depression like this: For Lisa, depression and anxiety had followed her throughout her life, and she reached a point of critical danger. Lisa was hospitalized for three days at Loma Linda University Behavioral Medicine Center in Redlands, and then transitioned to the partial hospitalization program at the Murrieta location.

She spent six hours a day, five days a week, at the center as she learned how to deal with her anxiety and sadness. Galarza notes there is still a stigma in society about mental illness. The annual Seeds of Hope dinner and fundraiser for the Behavioral Medicine Center allows the center to continue providing hope for individuals living with mental illness or substance use issues and to work toward reducing the stigma. Lisa shared her story that evening. Today Lisa can look toward the future through the lens of possibility, not dread. Galarza says. Lisa is a testament to that.

Steven F. A geographic information system was demonstrated that identifies many indicators of health within specified areas. October Loma Linda University ranks No. April Family, friends and colleagues of renowned orthopedic surgeon Frank Jobe gathered at Dodger Stadium to remember and celebrate his life. Jobe, who is recognized as the father of sports medicine, graduated from Loma Linda University School of Medicine in and passed away March 6, in Los Angeles, California. His kidneys were failing. On Thursday, January 2, — David Purkhiser remembers the day — his name was added to the transplant waiting list for a new kidney.

David had lived with Type 1 diabetes since the age of 4.

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Daily monitoring and radko injections were his life. Dangerously high glucose levels in teading him he was in the beginning stages of chronic kidney disease CKD. He was headed for kidney failure, dialysis and — hopefully arkansaz kidney transplantation. A young man named Ricardo Gomez was sitting in church. She gave radiio blessing. The transplant was a success, and both went home after a few days of recovery. God uses us powt we are willing and available. You want one? The volunteers included Loma Linda University nursing students and dental assistant program students from local city colleges. There are also messages: Good afternoon, Sophia.

The two third-graders compete in a game of rock, paper, scissors; its outcome ends their disagreement and they resume their game. Elwell knows each one by name, and he knows their stories. Of the students, 92 percent live below the poverty line; 65 percent meet the definition of homelessness. Principal Elwell discovered education while working in communications in the defense industry. It left me thinking — working with children can impact an entire community. InLoma Linda University Health was exploring ways to share resources with its community. Dora Barilla, associate director, Loma Linda University Health Institute for Community Partnerships, wanted to understand the unique needs of Victoria and its community.

And we want to start with Victoria. I can trust enough to share my story and be vulnerable enough to say what I need.

Loma Linda University student volunteers are crucial to the Adopt-aSchool program, and are arkansass Mr. You matter. March March was the last month to sign up for health coverage through open enrollment as mandated by the Affordable Care Act. April More than 1, physically challenged and able-bodied athletes competed side-by-side at radioo 12th annual PossAbilities Triathlon. Loma Linda University Health has collaborated with the hospital Clinron its inception and opening inwhen the hospital introduced Westernstyle health care to China. Would you find contentment in this situation? Would you find satisfaction? This is the situation that Ebola fighters faced every day.

BeforeTradong was nothing more than a distant concept for many. Then in Marchthis changed as the Ebola virus spread throughout Western Africa at an astonishing speed. In addition to their commitment to helping stop the spread of this disease, each of these physicians has several things in common. Appel, Saunders and Shank have taken turns leaving other work to be in Liberia for periods of time. However, Dr. Seton chose to stay and continue to help those in need. Seventhday Adventist Cooper Hospital is operating as an Ebola-free zone where patients in need of medical treatment can come, be treated and not have to fear exposure to this deadly disease. Medicine suits my temperament and even my weaknesses in order to help those I can.

Loma Linda University School of Medicine alumni: October A vespers program at the University Church recognized the Overseas Heart Surgery Team for 50 years of service and honored Ellsworth Wareham, MD, for his long career as surgeon and professor, School of Medicine, on the occasion of his th birthday. The primary objective is to provide practical health care leadership education for hospital executives in China by incorporating Western theories and practices. Ted N. March During residency match day, 51 percent of the School of Medicine class of matched to primary care positions and 20 percent to surgery and surgical subspecialties including anesthesiology.

Sweet is a physician, medical historian and celebrated author. Programs will include health care and education in entry-level careers for high school graduates. Groundbreaking ceremonies were held at the site in San Bernardino, California, where the facility will be built between San Manuel Stadium and the I freeway. The second is a lack of quality health care. Our new project will help address both of those sectors by providing career education and health care for area residents as well as creating employment opportunities.

Hart explained. He said his members have long memories, and are statiom for the compassion shown to them. Now that they have the resources to make the valley tradint a better place, he said, they are happy to help with their generous contribution. The Clintno component in the new building will be a vegetarian restaurant designed to showcase the longevity-enhancing benefits of a vegetarian diet. San Bernardino Mayor Tradibg. We see the collaboration arkamsas partnership as one that is very important to the rebirth of our downtown. The San Manuel Band of Mission Indians, with their bold gift, has chosen to help make the vision of a renewed community into a reality.

Referenced in this story: Richard H. It is only the fourth of its kind in California, allowing Loma Linda University to become a leader in this type of health care that emphasizes bringing pharmacists and other health care providers together to better serve their communities. The Campaign Steering Committee assists in the development of campaign policy and strategic planning for all phases of the Campaign. Its influential members also participate through their involvement in one or more of the Campaign strategies by helping identify, cultivate and solicit potential Campaign contributors and lead by example.

Before retiring inJere Chrispens helped develop two software companies focused on health care. Chrispens practiced nursing before becoming a full-time mother and grandmother.

She is on the board of the Calimesa Seventh-day Adventist Church. Recognized as the pioneer of infant heart transplantation, Dr. Transplantation remains a small portion of Dr. She is a legal nurse consultant and business owner. She practiced nursing untilwhen she was named director of alumni relations and development for Loma Linda Academy. He practices dentistry in San Luis Obispo. Nelson earned her BS degree from the School of Dentistry and worked as a dental hygienist for more than four decades. She retired five years ago to take a more active role in several volunteer projects, including working with the youth at their local Adventist Church.

Dedicated to humanitarian service, the Nelsons have assisted with mission clinics in 25 countries, including assignments in the Far East, Africa and Central and South America. Kenneth Ramirez. Ramirez has held a number of elected and appointed leadership positions with the tribe. He fondly remembers as a child the Loma Linda doctors and nurses befriending and caring for him and his family. For more than a decade, Mrs. She also serves in a variety of volunteer capacities at the Calimesa Seventh-day Adventist Church. Inafter having served for 27 years as president of the Arrowhead Credit Union, Mr. Sharp was named vice president for advancement at Cal State San Bernardino.

He retired in Instrumental in the campaign to keep professional baseball in San Bernardino, Sharp was recognized as a member of the Inland Empire 66ers Hall of Fame. Sharp passed away February 17, Determined to achieve fulfillment professionally, Dr. Sims explored a career in pathology, serving as laboratory director for a national independent referral laboratory. Candace Spiel.

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