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In fact, this is how much of the OTC retail forex market works and many market participants refer to the market for look alike contracts as the spot market.

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Following a split of authority in the courts regarding whether the CFTC had jurisdiction over futures look alike contracts, the Commodity Futures Trading Commission Reauthorization Act of CRA clarified the issue by again amending the CEA and specifically granting the CFTC authority to regulate, and create rules relating to, futures look alike contracts that are offered or entered into with retail customers on a leveraged or margined basis. The rules impose a variety of registration, recordkeeping, reporting, and operational requirements on parties that intermediate transactions in OTC retail forex.

These rules will become effective today. Regulation of CPOs and CTAs Persons that operate funds that trade forex and those that provide forex trading advice to retail clients will become subject to a regulatory scheme that essentially seeks to treat these advisers on equal footing with CPOs and CTAs that trade traditional on-exchange commodity future and option contracts. Interestingly, the terms Commodity Pool Operator and Commodity Trading Advisor are defined separately in the regulations for the purposes of OTC forex trading, rather than being incorporated by reference.

This means that OTC forex advisers will be subject to a separate regulatory regime than those that trade traditional commodity contracts, under the final rules, even if it appears to be very similar. Final Regulation 5. Those that meet this definition will be required to register as CPOs and will have to meet all the operative requirements, including the disclosure, recordkeeping, reporting, and other requirements, currently applicable to CPOs in the context of on-exchange futures and commodity option contracts. Those that meet this definition will be required to register as CTAs and will have to meet all the operative requirements, including the disclosure, recordkeeping, reporting, and other requirements, currently applicable to CTAs in the context of on-exchange futures and commodity option contracts.

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These records Guatd have to be turned over to the CFTC within 30 days of the advisers receipt of the communication, or if possible fraud is concerned, within 3 days of such receipt. However, under the rules many firms that are currently registered as FCMs, but that are not primarily or substantially dealing in exchange-traded futures, will have to deregister as FCMs and register as RFEDs. Regulation 5. It basically calculates the potential profit your account could have with trades of specific Traders, executed under different parameters. First you need to select the parameters under which your account would be trading; starting balance, leverage and base currency.

By default the system will provide your current account balance, leverage and base currency, but you may change them.

You can also set the timeframe 3m, 6m, 1y, 2y you would want the Simulate to generate results for. All results as well as the graph can be also seen individually per Trader. This tool also enables you to Simulate your current Traders by configuring different settings per Trader, or choose specific Traders from the ones you currently have at your account, or even Simulate different Traders apart from the ones you currently have at your portfolio. Please note that any changes you make in your settings or any Traders you may add for the Simulation will NOT affect your account Portfolio. Top x. Automator The Automator to be your personal assistant: A few typical examples are: The possibilities are endless, and you can create the rules to match your own trading needs!

By clicking this button you can disable your ZuluTrade account, so that you will receive no more trades from any Trader. Maximum Open Lots This setting refers to the total number of lots that can be opened, including any pending positions at any one time in your account.

This flrex a ruel box and acceptable values rate from 1 to 99 for standard lot accounts respectively for mini and micro lots. In theory with these settings you should receive all trades your Traders will send you, and the size of each one will be 1 lot. Trader X has 2 trades open, and 1 pending order, thus totaling 3 lots. Trader Z has 2 trades open thus totaling 5 lots altogether for both Traders, equaling your Maximum Open Lots setting of 5. Similarly, you will not be able to open any manual trades either because your Maximum Open Lots does not allow you to.

The First Rule of Forex Trading: FX Market Types

In this case you will also get an error message like this lone your Trade History Log available at your History tab: Did not open 1. Max lots setting was 5. Lot Size Here you can set how you prefer to view the lot size when logged in trzding your Trwding account. In order to interpret this setting, it is tradng to have in mind the relation between the different sizes: If you wish to actually amend the Lot size of your account, then you need to contact your Broker. Monitor My Account This feature offers an extra layer of defense to your account; it protects your equity by closing trades that were expected to close, but due to rejection or failure to deliver one or more trading signals to your broker, they remained unmodified at market.

By checking this option, you authorize the ZuluTrade engine to close any traced trade at the minimum possible loss or at any profit in cases that this is within its potential. However, in the spirit of constantly improving user experience and smoothing out trading performance, ZuluTrade has added the Monitor My Account feature.

fofex You may view details about possible cases and examples here. Avoid Hedging This setting appears in accounts where ticket-based trading is not supported by the Broker and it is the default and recommended setting for all such accounts. If you wish to enable ro of trades in your account, please make sure you acknowledge all details associated with this option. Under this tab you will find all pending orders placed by your Traders or yourself manually. These are trades that have been assigned different market values of the current market value of the given pair, thus they will not open in your open positions tab until that value is reached. From here you can make the exact same changes that you can perform on your Positions Tab, with Stop and Limit updates, and cancelling the pending order before it becomes a live trade.

However, this can lead to overtrading and with a high drawdown, your account may hit a stop out level.

Other Trading Fees Before you sign up and log linw to ZuluTrade, you should also be aware of any forec costs. The amount will depend on the currency pair you are forexx. ZuluTrade has explained on their website that the traders you copy are paid directly by ZuluTrade, as part of the commission. The platform then allows you to clone the strategies of top traders. For those rlue how it works, the user base is essentially split into two categories: Signal providers — These are normally traders who are willing to share and be copied by their followers. Their compensation fees are determined by the success of their strategies.

Followers — These users can copy the strategies of the signal providers. As a follower, you can also copy strategies of the portfolios created by other followers. Features Once you have your Classic login account details, you can then start using a number of useful features, including: Bull normal market types A bull normal market type can be identified by the price trading above the Bollinger band while the 3 period moving average is trading above the 7 period. The strategy In a bull normal market type there are generally two strategies that will be effective.

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Buying dips. You set limit orders at key levels or wait for traring pull-back and indication that the trend is going to continue. Buying breakouts. You wait for periods of consolidation and then buy breakouts in the direction of the trend. Bull Volatile market types Bull volatile market types can be identified by large candles trading above the Bollinger bands. Often these candles will have long wicks. The Strategy In volatile bull market types, it can be tempting to rush in and buy, but his may not always best the best course of action as prices can quickly reverse.

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