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The binomial model can calculate what the price of the call option should be today. For simplification purposes, assume that an investor purchases one-half share of stock and writes or sells one call option. The total investment today is the price of half a share less the price of asmple option, and the possible payoffs at the end of the mmla are: Given this outcome, assuming no arbitrage opportunities, an investor should earn the risk-free rate over the course of the month. The cost today must be equal to the payoff discounted at the risk-free rate for one month. The net value of your portfolio will be d - The net value of your portfolio will be 90d. If you want your portfolio's value to remain the same regardless of where the underlying stock price goes, then your portfolio value should remain the same in either case: Since this is based on the assumption that the portfolio value remains the same regardless of which way the underlying price goes, the probability of an up move or down move does not play any role.

The portfolio remains risk-free regardless of the underlying price moves. Supposing instead that the individual probabilities matter, arbitrage opportunities may have presented themselves. In the ppaper world, such arbitrage opportunities exist with minor price differentials and vanish in the short term. But where is the much-hyped volatility in all these calculations, an important and sensitive factor that affects option pricing? The volatility is already included by the nature of the problem's definition. Black-Scholes But is this approach correct and coherent with the commonly used Black-Scholes pricing?

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Therefore, you will be in a position of obvious Binomiwl as compared to the rest of buyers. Call and Puf Options Another concept which needs to be crystal clear before going understanding an option pricing model is that of call and put options. Call Option An option contract that casts a right not an obligation to buy the underlying asset at a predetermined price in or before expiry. Put Option An option contract that casts a right not an obligation to sell an underlying asset at a predetermined price on or before expiry.

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Option Pricing Models There exist several option pricing models. It is nearly impossible to traverse the length and breadth of the entire volume of option pricing theories. Through this article, an attempt is made to condense and explain the most prevalent and widely acknowledged option pricing models. As per the binomial option pricing model, the price of an option is equal to the difference between the present value of the stock as computed through a binomial tree and the spot price. This is in agreement with Adam 1 options that are in-the-money have a higher value compared to options that are out-of-the money.

Figure 1 and Table 2show that increase in interest rate leads to increase in calls price and decrease in puts price.

Examples to Understand the Binomial Option Pricing Model

It is also observed that as the interest rate tends to zero, there will be a point of intersection of the prices, which will samle both call and put of equal price. Which implies. This agrees with Adam 1 when interest rate rise, a call option value will also rise and put option value will fall. For Figure 2 and Table 3 ; when there is increase in stock price, call price decreases and put price will increase. It is also observed that as the strike price keeps increasing, there will be an equal price thereby having a point of intersection of prices.

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