What alternatives i have for netdom in windows 7

What gives?

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The two netdom commands and the shutdown command are shown here. In addition, the Windows PowerShell command is easier to read, and they support prototyping. An example of using Windows PowerShell to add a computer to the domain, rename the computer, and reboot the machine is shown here. The Get-WmiObject cmdlet has an alias of gwmi, and it will also take credentials if required. Because this class returns only one instance, I can use my group and dot trick see My Ten Favorite Windows PowerShell Tricks to directly call the Rename method to rename the computer.

Any GUI alternatives to Netdom?

After I rename the computer, Altfrnatives use the Add-Computer cmdlet to join the computer to the domain. The Add-Computer cmdlet allows me to specify the credentials that have rights to add computers to the domain, in addition to the name of the domain to join. Although I did not do it in my example, there is also an ou parameter that allows you to specify the path to the OU that will contain the newly created computer account. The last command, Restart-Computer, appears without any parameters. This means that the computer will restart within one minute, and it will attempt to cause processes to politely exit generally a good thing.

For emergency type of situations, there is the Force switch that will cause the computer to immediately restart, and not wait on processes to politely exit.

The use of this optional parameter can lead to data loss in some situations. In the image that follows, I first use the Get-WmiObject cmdlet to rename the computer. Figure 5 shows the results. The custom view was saved as "Application Errors" and displays a filtered application log. In addition, you can select one or more events and click "Save selected events" in the right pane, and those events will be saved to a file.

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This is handy for identifying events for a support call to focus on. This could be easily emailed as opposed to sending a lengthy event log. It's especially helpful for security events because the security event log is usually quite large. Figure 6: Note that "Tools" is not in the Folder Options task bar. Folder Options can be a challenge to find in Windows 7 and Windows Serverbut they can easily be accessed by adding the "Tools" menu to the Windows Explorer task bar.

Open any folder in Windows Explorer. Note that "Tools" is not in the task bar Figure 6. Open Windows Explorer, and the "Tools" menu will appear. Click on it to see Folder Options Figure 8.

Alternaties 7: You can add menus to the Folder Options views. Admin Tools Folder habe another good one. In Windows 7 troubleshooting, all the admin tools can be collected into one folder. No more clicking through all the menus. Use the following procedure to collect them to one folder and put it on your desktop: Figure 8: The Tools option should now appear. Create a folder -- name it "Admin. Admin" can be anything you want to call it.

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If you do it correctly, you'll see an "Admin" icon on the desktop Figure 9. Figure 9: The "Admin" tools folder can be made accessible. In addition to these Windows 7 troubleshooting tools, there are some good downloads. Of course, the premier tool download is Windows Sysinternals.

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