Peanuts party supplies arrive just in time for holiday

The Details Layer solid and printed plates for impact. Share this party on Pinterest!

PeanutsĀ® Tree Celebration Pop Up Musical Christmas Card With Light

Get holidau more personal with mini-buttons and bubbles. You grew up seeing them in the newspaper every day, and Charles M. Use a simple brown paper runner to keep table items grounded together and to add that additional autumnal layer. Staple and tape to secure. But before dinner, keep little guests busy with personalized activity mats.

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Their holiday specials are some of the most anticipated TV events of the year, and now, you can celebrate your own version of a Peanuts holiday with this Peanuts Thanksgiving party! And for the girls, throw in some lip balm. By combining traditional fall elements, such as leaves and jute, with Peanuts party supplies the entire celebration will be both colorful and on theme. Stuff favor bags full of basic party essentials along with a few items specific to the Charlie Brown theme. Candy tubes are perfect to hold a snack sized portion of jellybeans and a large personalized sticker makes sure it goes home with its rightful owner.

Set the party up outside in the backyard just as Snoopy did in the show.

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Individual servings of jelly beans keep the sugar overload to a manageable su;plies. The Invitation Get the excitement building well before the party starts with a personalized comic book kid invitation. Bonus points if you use an actual ping pong table. The Table Top the dinner table off with a white sheet knotted at the corners.

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