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This window allows traders to select a proposed Chaneg or add a new one. After selecting the server, click Next. Account type is selected in the next window. Here the details of an already existing trade account can be specified or a new one can be created.

Click Next. When creating a new account, the next step is specifying personal details. Cuange in all the mandatory fields, tick the option "I agree to subscribe to your newsletters" and click Next. The newly metwtrader account is registered on the specified server. After that, its details are displayed. After clicking Finish, the newly created account is automatically connected to the trade server. It also appears in the Accounts section of the Navigator window. If Cancel is clicked in this window, connection to the trade server is not performed and the account is not added to the Navigator window, though it is already created. You can connect to the server later using the account details.

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Revised metagrader Navigator's context menu. You can log in to MQL5. The following changes Chaneg been implemented to the account's context menu: Moved "Open an Account" command to the first position. Added "Change Password" feature. Added "Register a Virtual Server" command. The list of compiled programs and the programs themselves can be refreshed now directly from the context menu using the "Refresh" command. Terminal restart is not required. In the "Navigator" categories "Indicators" and "Custom Indicators" have been combined into one category "Indicators".

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All custom indicators, clpck, and indicators purchased from the MetaTrader AppStore are now shown together with the built-in technical indicators. Technical indicators are now divided into four categories: Built-in indicators are always displayed first. Added display of the current market for a trading symbol as the depth of market having the ability of quick and easy order management. The new tool allows placing, modifying and deleting orders quickly and with maximum clarity providing the best trading opportunities. The best depth of market prices are the current Bid and Ask for the symbol.

The next level is set as the closest level allowing placing Buy Limit and Sell Limit orders considering stop level for the symbol. Further levels are set according to the symbol's price step.

Change time in MT4

Trade column contains buttons for one-click placing of pending orders. The order Changs placed at the price with a pressed button. At a click on the blue arrow button in the area of Bid prices, a Buy Limit order is placed at the specified price. The same action in the area of Ask prices places a Buy Stop order.

At a click Chnage the red arrow button in the area of Ask prices, a Sell Limit order is placed at the vlock price. The same action in the area of Bid prices places a Sell Stop order. Pending orders, as well as stop loss and take profit levels of positions can be quickly modified by a simple drag-and-drop. The same rule applies when dragging Stop orders. To quickly remove a level, hover the cursor over its line, hold down Shift key and click the cross button.

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In addition to the indicators, the mobile platform provides a set of 24 graphical objects that includes lines, channels, geometric shapes, as well as Gann, Fibonacci and Elliott tools. Any object can be applied to a price chart, in a separate window or in combination with other tools. Apart from the flexible trading system and advanced analytical functions, the MetaTrader 5 mobile platform provides even more useful options. Straight from the mobile application, you can access financial news for free, communicate with other traders and receive push notification from the desktop platform and MQL5. All these functions are absolutely free! Download MetaTrader 5 for Android from Google Play, connect to your broker, open an account and start trading right away.

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The moment specified as the beginning of the timeframe does not concur with moment t0, though it can click concur with it, in general. The subsequent ticks that come to the terminal within the same timeframe at the moments of t1 and t2 can change the parameters of the bar, for example, maximum price or open price, but they do not affect the time of bar opening. The bar closing time is not considered in the online trading system MetaTrader 4 formally, the time of the last tick coming within a timeframe or the beginning time of the next timeframe can be considered as the bar closing time, as shown in Fig.

Bar forming sequence in the online trading platform MetaTrader 4.

It Changs shown in Fig. Thus, between time t5 of the tick coming and t6 of the next tick coming, the full timeframe is packed, so the new bar hasn't been formed at that time period. In this manner, the time of bar opening may differ from the time of opening of an adjacent bar by more than a whole timeframe, but it is always divisible by a timeframe.

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