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That thought gradually turned into an obsession. After some initial successes I got so immersed in options trading by that I became an instructor for a large financial publishing company delivering live seminars in two cities per week all over the United States. And when that company started to falter I started my own in —the one you are looking at now.

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hrading My personal goal—and the goal of everyone that works here—is to help you get to that tremendously liberating place where you have more passive income coming in, than expenses going out—a place we affectionately refer to as Cashflow Heaven. What is The Winning Secret? The Winning Secret is a conservative, but highly effective options strategy that only a small number of traders realize exists—and of those that do even fewer actually trade it. The reason is simple and has to do with basic human nature—most people would rather buy a lottery ticket than sell the tickets. If you like the idea of trading the safer side of options to generate some surprisingly generous monthly cashflow—then this is your strategy.

Just exactly how generous? The key to comfortable retirement? With this tfading you could be a lot closer to a comfortable retirement than you think. The Winning Secret Training Package: Product Description The Winning Secret to More Income, More Often—takes the fear out of trading options and replaces it with knowledge, confidence and a strong mathematical likelihood of winning—frequently and generously.

The beauty psf these videos is you can watch them as often Optoins you want to really assimilate the information—and because they exist inside a special section of this website you can watch them from anywhere you can get an Internet connection. This set is tailor made for listening—no pictures or charts are referred to like in the video files. Tradeweb estimates U. When investors agree on a spread for a corporate bond, the trade is not always spotted against the corresponding Treasury at the same time.

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When it is spotted, there is often a delay as the trader on the dealer desk phones her Treasury desk to tradkng a price and then execute. Up to a fifteen- minute time lag is common, which can have a significant impact on the all-in price of the corporate bond. The lag creates pricing and execution uncertainty, because as the buyer waits, the price of the Treasury may move. The result is a potential mismatch between the assumed price of the spread trade at the moment of execution and the eventual price paid. If the risk associated with each trade in U.

Investors can achieve some savings by executing multiple spots at Optionw same time, but synergies are only available for a single ihvestor against a single counterparty. The direct cost of trading is only half the story. The spotting process is also operationally clunky, with firms buying and selling multiple bonds and spotting for different benchmarks through the day. Each trade requires its own set of workflows; spot timing and quality can vary from one trade to the next.

There Optioms also little option to shop around—spotting is invariably with the dealer that executes the corporate bond trade. This can impact invesgor quality of the corresponding Treasury. At a time when swathes of credit trading are going electronic, the stuttering spotting process can feel increasingly outdated. Simple Measures - And Why They Probably Won't Work In the face of the challenges around spotting, buy side firms may consider several potentially mitigating measures. The first, and most obvious, is to take steps to manage liquidity better, aiming to achieve the same exposures through fewer individual bonds.

They can also reduce the number of dealer relationships in any portfolio—fewer counterparties means more potential synergy for offsetting interest rate exposure when spotting multiple trades together.

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In addition, there may be practical ways to make workflows more efficient, essentially filling pdv gaps created conservafive spotting so there is less dead time and more operational efficiency. Finally, firms may execute more trades electronically, which would speed up spotting in some cases. All of these in theory might make some difference. For example, there are numerous tools to help manage liquidity, but a strategy led by liquidity rather than credit selection is likely to increase tracking error and steer investors away from their mandates. Cutting the number of dealer relationships, meanwhile, may be counterproductive in a liquidity-restricted environment.

Workflows may be adjusted, but streamlined processes by themselves will not significantly reduce hedging costs. Finally, electronic trading is only part of the story in corporate bond markets, as voice trading still represents a majority of U. Net Spotting - A Technology-Led Solution Inefficiencies in credit spotting markets increase costs and are resistant to obvious tweaks to trading patterns, workflows or relationships.

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However, technology provides an alternative approach. The solution starts with an application that leverages the Tradeweb marketplace to fully automate the spotting process. That means that buy side traders no longer need to wait for a Treasury quote, reducing the chance of slippage and freeing up time to focus on value-add and portfolio construction.

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