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This article will explain what arbitrage is, what the put-call parity is, and how the put-call parity eliminates arbitrage.

This arbitrage amegican involves buying a put option and acll share of the company and selling a call option. And along with call option premium, the total amount to be invested by the investor is cash equivalent to present value of zero coupon bond which is equivalent to strike price and present value of dividend. The put-call parity is important because it eliminates the possibility of arbitrage traders making profitable trades with no risk. Because of this, the put-call parity eliminates arbitrage opportunities from happening.

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Portfolio A: Since interest is a cost to an investor who borrows funds to purchase stock and benefit to investor who shorts the stock or securities by investing the funds. When prices diverge, as in the case with arbitrage opportunities, the selling pressure in the higher-priced market drives prices down while the buying pressure in the lower-priced market drives prices up. Put-Call parity equation can be used to determine the price of European call and put options Put-Call parity equation is adjusted, if stock pays any dividends. Put-Call Parity does not hold true for American option as American option can be exercised at any time prior to its expiry.

Arbitrage is the opportunity to profit from price variances in a financial security in different markets.

Put-Call Parity – Defined and Simplified

In this case, the investor will not exercise its put option as the dividsnd is out of the money but will sell its share at current market price CMP americxn earn the difference between CMP and initial price of stock i. Had the investor not been purchased sock along with the put option, he would have been end up incurring loss of his premium towards option purchase. Also, we assume that dividend which is paid during the life of the option is known. Here we will examine how the Put-Call parity equation would be adjusted if stock pays dividend.


In put-call parity, Fiduciary Call is equal to Protective Put. This pressure to bring the prices back together is the put-call parity. By understanding the put-call parrity formula, an investor can connect the value between a put option, call option, and underlying security, as long as the put and call have the same strike price and expiration date. In other words, both the portfolios are worth max ST, X. This brings us to a conclusion that today portfolio A should be equal to Portfolio B. For example: The buying and selling pressure in the two different markets brings the prices back together eliminating any arbitrage opportunities.

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