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Are you seeing the picture here? Are you even excited about it yet? We will use the above chart to illustrate. Previous Day's High: At the same time, place a Sell limit at 1. Assuming no spread for easy calculations. You can add in spread to the Profit target so you can nett 10 pips. After you set the above orders, you may turn off the computer and check back at the end of the day.

Canddle was tradong happened The above scenario gave us pips from our Sell Limit but thats not what Hedge10 is about You may use more pairs for more profits. Now before you start thinking about your million dollars, there are some risks using Hedge10 There will be times when you will experience a whip-saw, meaning you get stopped out at both levels for a pips but very rarely There are the novice traders — the greenies, the ones who try to outrun the bear and lose every time. We all start here. We all lose money here. Some of us lose our entire first trading stake I did.

In addition to the novice traders, there are three other levels of participation: In all of your trading, the dealers are the most powerful and they vorex the market, setting prices and putting together deals. Although institutional traders move more money around than dealers, it is still the case that your dealer either accepts or rejects your orders every time you trade. The institutional traders work in banks, wire firms, or government agencies. They trade huge amounts of money at a time, and the size of their trades gives them enormous power.

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Not super powers, but very close. Some are trading billions of dollars every minute. Next, there are the advanced retail traders. This group is comprised of people from all across the world, sitting in smaller investment firms, offices, or even their homes. Eventually, you want to be a part of this group. In some cases, the advanced traders are the smartest group — trade for trade — than any other group. But, because there are so many novice traders, the advanced traders have plenty of people that they can feed to the hungry bears. Your goal as a currency trader is to aggressively take money out of the pockets of the novice traders. So, every time you take money from a novice trader, just remember: After a while, you might even enjoy watching your hiking companion being eaten by the bear.

Well, you might not enjoy it. But you will deserve every pip you earn. Get ready to put on your running shoes. Are 10 Pips Enough? The short answer is yes. So if you bought at 1.

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Consider the questions below tt you might pis yourself before trading: When should I get in a trade? Where should I place my stop loss? What happens if sytsem goes wrong? Even more importantly, can you deal with the emotions of forex trading? Mastering hrading emotions of trading is more difficult than mastering the technical skills. This leads them to stay in a good trade too long, hoping to get more money out of it. This can lead to disaster — the trade can move against them and they get creamed. This happens all the time, and it still happens to me from time to time. But how do you overcome greed when trading?

A lot of traders flush some pips down the toilet and then want to strike back. So they double their last order and go for broke.

175# 10 pips Forex Trading System

And it does not make you any richer. The impulse to get revenge is natural, and I still deal with this emotion often. We all do. Do not underestimate this emotion. Many traders have not only reached into the toilet of revenge, but have dived into it head-first. The market is so much more powerful than you are. Trading when angry or vengeful will be a total disaster. If you take a big loss, then stop, take a deep breath, and talk to a mentor or your mirror, or your favorite stuffed animal. Re-read the charts.

Take a break. Chew on your toe if you have to. Even if you think you see the best opportunity in the world after you get blasted — make sure you take a long deep breath and pause before you do anything. Instead, I set up good trades, that have a lot of potential, and then I shoot for 10 pips as an initial target. Just 10 pips. I am not promising that you can do that. I am saying that it is possible and I have taught traders who have done it. Why is this innovative, different, or revolutionary?

Advanced traders want big money. They want big, big returns. They go for 40, 50, pips at a minimum. Jimmy Young, an accomplished currency trader and a friend of mine, only trades a few times per month and goes for pips or more every time. I also teach and take these types of trades myself. What if it goes to pips? Or ? Not at all.

Totals for Summary Period: Aug 13 1996 to Feb 11 1994

You should find ways to trade so that your average gain is larger than 10 pips — and at least the same size as your average loss, or better. Let me repeat that: I am never displeased with 10 pips of profit. I set a stop at 1. When the price that I can sell at reaches 1.

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