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Bonus Bonds Sales Account Number: Your Bonus Bonds are first bonys for the monthly prize draws when you have held them for one complete calendar month following their purchase date. Please note that your current personal details, prize payment preferences and signing instructions will apply to future purchases of Bonus Bonds. How do I use Bill Payment by internet or phone banking? Bill Payments are useful for one-off purchases.

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This is another abkut as far as the bank is concerned. Another major bknus with the scheme is tax, which is 28 per cent of pre-tax earnings. Prizes are tax-free but individuals on lower tax bands are disadvantaged because they effectively pay a 28 per cent rate. The annual investment performance of the fund has deteriorated dramatically, from 7. Meanwhile, fees and expenses as a percentage of investment income have soared from But don't expect improving odds any time soon.

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Of course, the more bonds you have, the bigger your chances aboyt winning. But still, those are long odds. Putting it in financial terms, over the years average returns on Bonus Bonds, including Aol, have tended to be lower than on bank term deposits. Given that the bond returns are less certain -- they vary widely and most people get nothing each month -- we would expect the returns to be higher to compensate for that risk. The fact that they're lower makes them a lousy investment. Sure, bank term deposit returns are low, but they are higher than inflation. So if you put your savings there they will grow a bit in terms of buying power. You could even try something riskier but with probably higher returns, such as a share fund, for the money you don't plan to spend for 10 years or more.

But I sense you want to keep things simple.

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Oh, okay, put a couple of thousand in Bonus Bonds for the fun of it. But not the bonvs Kids and Bonus Bonds Q: I am writing to ask about children saving with ANZ Bonus Bonds for their education when they reach university age, for example. The governing document of the scheme requires that the chances of winning are never better than 1 in 9, What are the returns like?

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Looking at the total prizes awarded as a percentage of the scheme's assets in the tax year the pay-out was just 1. Through the same period a simple term deposit would have achieved nearly double the return, and the average conservative KiwiSaver fund returned 4. One of the reasons advanced by IPAC Securities general manager David van Schaardenburg is that Bonus Bonds have been around for so long they have built up a strong brand, reputation and awareness with the public. Many of us may have at some time been given Bonus Bonds as a gift by either our parents or grandparents.

Another reason is that New Zealanders love a bonuz. There is clear evidence of this in the growth and acceptance bonrs gambling such as Lotto, horse racing, casinos and now betting on all manner of sports events through the TAB. But do people consider it a good investment? While the academics rubbish it as a way of saving money, it has characteristics which make it appealing to the public. The key one is that people who buy Bonus Bonds are reasonably well assured that every dollar they put in will be paid back when they want it.

The actual returns the unit trust earns and dishes out are underwhelming, to put it mildly. Over the last five years, it's ranged from 1. Compare that to savings accounts paying a guaranteed 2. Any winnings you receive from Bonus Bonds are tax-free, which could help close the gap in some circumstances.

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