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Profit-Loss Calculator: This perennial brokerage tool lets you compile your favorite equities and funds in one place.

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Track their performance at your leisure, then pull the trigger when the timing is right. TTradeking and Market Data: The market data tool gives you a promoyions, more granular look at hotes, funds, and indices, including historical performance and key financial data. Probability Calculator: But it does take a scientific approach to risk assessment, using implied volatility to determine the relative likelihood that your strategy will pay off. Customer Support Ally Invest has a robust customer support apparatus that includes call-in phone support and live chat.

The system displays current wait times, so you can plan your calls accordingly. Forex support is available from Sundays at 10am Eastern to Fridays at 5pm Eastern. Low Fees for Managed Portfolios. By contrast, human financial advisers typically charge 0.

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Hybrid advisers that blend hands-on promotuons advice with automated investment management generally charge 0. Ally Invest is more in line with fully automated platforms like Wealthfront and Betterment, which both tout low management fees as a major selling point. Some brokerages charge twice as much per trade. Solid Account Opening Bonus Offers. Wide Range of Available Account Types. Ally Invest has a comprehensive lineup of account types: No matter your strategy or time horizon, you can probably find an account that suits your needs here.

Robust Customer Support. This is a distinguishing feature of Ally Bank too. Most competing financial promktions limit customer support hours to business days, or close for 12 hours or longer overnight. That Ally Invest makes room for them is great news for experienced users for whose investing or trading strategies these products may well be invaluable. Though functionally separate, Ally Bank and Ally Invest are clearly related. Ally Invest also offers mobile and tablet trading apps for iPhone and Android.

One of the cooler features of the Ally Invest platform is their Tradekiny calculator. Using this calculator allows you to use implied volatility to help you figure out the chance you hit your listed targets on a particular trade, before the trade is placed. Other noted features are: Revenue reports, SEC filings, Cash Flow and Income Statements are just a few of the many reports now available to you should you open a trading account. Ally Invest Managed Portfolios In addition to trading on your own using Ally, you can also use their robo service to rebalance your account regularly.

The idea of having a robo-adviser manage your money has become increasingly popular and Ally Invest decided to target this group of investors with their Managed Portfolio service. The ongoing fee for this service is 0.

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This fee is on top of any other trading fees you incur using Ally Invest. Hotesl details are below: This bonus is dependent on the amount you initially deposit. Members also receive paper trade confirmations, paper statements, and additional paperwork at no additional cost. You must also complete at least 3 trades over a three-month period. In addition to the Trader Network, TradeKing representatives do a great job of answering your questions in real-time.

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Their educational tools are extensive and are broken down by experience level. You can also attend the free classes and webinars that they regularly make available to clients. No Account Minimums — If you plan to open a regular trading account, you can do so without having to worry about an account minimum. Full Slate of Securities — TradeKing has plenty of securities available that will satisfy almost any investor.

You already know that you can invest in individual Trademing. However, you can also invest your money into bonds, ETFs, and over 8, mutual funds. More adventurous traders will also find Forex and Options trading available through TradeKing. They pretty much have all of your trading needs taken care of at very low prices.

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