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For instance, let's say Crude Oil, if Crude oil touches the upper part of the Bollinger Band, do we bet that it will go back down, and will be bearish, and choose Bear Call Spread? And when do we use Iron Condor?

Is it suitable for stocks or futures that has no direction, directionless, very trdaing movement up and down? And do we trade all our capital into one option? As there is a buying power effect BPEwhich will vary as the stock prices moves up or down? Hence, the broker may charge you more margin and you may incur margin call, where you have to top up more money?

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So is it wise to leave some form of capital to prepare for repairs and brlkers prevent margin call? And is it safe to trade too many lots into one particular stock or future? In the event, when a major event happens, a panic occurs, will you lose a lot of money? Hence, is it more wise to diversify your portfolio, and not trading many counters of the same industry.

As if this particular industry has a problem, all the counters intreactive are holding may optionw affected. Hence, is it wise to hold counters of different industries? Intraday options trading is multi-faceted and brings with it great profit potential. The best part though — accessibility. You can start day trading with options from anywhere in the world. All you need is an internet connection. Drawbacks Despite the numerous benefits, there are certain challenges that come with trading in options. Fortunately, all the obstacles listed below can be overcome.

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Wide bid-ask spreads — Tradjng comparison to stocks, the bid-ask spreads bdokers often wider. This is a result of the reduced liquidity found in options markets. This can fluctuate as much as half a point, which can reduce the profit of a day trade. Price broekrs reductions — You may find price movement is limited by the time value element of your options premium. Fortunately, the time value for option day trading is relatively restricted. If you watch closely you can also see that the channel is skewed to the downside. This is because Put options have much higher premium than Call options, that is why the channel is not symmetric.

Please stop for a moment and think about it. In the example above I had the same trading bias, but I traded with different products.

The return is much higher in the case of futures options. The tdading is also higher because of higher notional value and leverage. But if you know how to trade them futures options is much better to trade with than stock of ETF options! That's the main reason I prefer to trade futures options lately. Futures options trading What is the difference between futures, ETFs or stocks? The biggest differences are: Since most brokerage firms provide 1 to 2 leverage you only have to put up half of this amount as overnight margin requirement.

Optionx you are trading Apple with CFD, you can have much higher leverage than that but this depends on the brokerage firm you choose to trade with. If you want to invest in a stock, I would do it directly buying the stock not the CFD. Holding onto a CFD might have higher costs because of higher leverage and interest you have to pay on the margin. Let's look at an example for the current leverage of oil one of my favorite products. This means that there's almost 12x leverage at the current price level.

Such leverage cannot be achieved with simple stock trading, not even with ETFs. Do you see the difference? Pricing The Options Pricing course is designed to familiarize traders with the variables in options pricing models. To start the interactive tutorial, click the button below.

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Options The Greeks The Options Greeks course is designed to familiarize traders with a set of Greek risk factors used to monitor a portfolio's profile. A "Simple" Options Trading Strategy: This easy options trading strategy is perfect for directional traders, who assess the direction of the broader markets or individual securities before trading accordingly. By focusing on a stock's simple moving average, you can target some very lucrative opportunities Money Morning gives you access to a team of ten market experts with more than years of combined investing experience - for free. Our goal is to help our millions of e-newsletter subscribers and Moneymorning.

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