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Introduction to trading options August 15, Options are contractual agreements between two parties, buyers, and sellers. The buyer of an option acquires the rights, but not the obligation to fulfill the optins of the option contract by buying or o;tions a specified quantity of the underlying asset at a predetermined time in the future at an agreed upon price. On the other side, the seller of the option is obligated to fulfill the terms of the contract and complete the transaction if called upon to do so. Financials that underlie option contracts include equities, equity indexes, interest-rate sensitive securities, currencies, and more.

In this article, we will be focusing on equity options where we will assume each contract represents terms for shares.

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Sounds a bit complicated? No worries, we'll make things simple. There are two types of option contracts: They quotte provide basic trading information. Customer Service 3. Clients and potential clients may contact a customer service representative via phone or online, email, or online chat. For phone and online chat, expect to wait about one to five minutes to speak with someone. Email support takes longer, with wait times for a response ranging from one to three business days.

Live brokers are available during market hours to place trades, and live brokers are required for placing bond trades. Costs 4. There is standard pricing, as well as active trader pricing, for stock and options commissions. What You Need to Know Questrade is a great broker for active traders who want to reduce their commission costs.


Qhote are lower than most of the big banks in Canada, and a rebate structure on subscription costs means active traders can erase, or partially offset, market data fees. Compare Questrade Investors looking to actively trade with low commissions can consider Questrade as an option. The fee can be negated if at least one trade is made during the quarter or if one has subscribed to a level 1 or greater data package. Other exclusions relate to individuals who are under the age of 25 or entities operating as a charitable organization. While both platforms are similar in overall functionality, IQ Edge provides a deeper offering of trading tools and customization, and is certainly the preferred platform for active traders.

IQ Web does a very good job providing the core necessities of trading, including quotes, charts, trading, watch lists, news, and account management.

Questrade IQ Web. IQ Web ran Quuestrade free in my Chrome browser, and my favorite tool quickly became the advanced charting, which includes 31 optional indicators and five different drawing tools. Similar to all forex brokers with no commissions - they still will be making money. This reduces your profit. Just because there is no commission, doesn't mean its free. There is no free lunch. Fixed income products are sold over the counter i.

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Therefore I am sure there is an indirect charge in the spread similar to Forex brokers that state "no commission. Reply Link Glen Ross October 2, Granted, the guy thought it was an internal transfer but he followed this up by being generally patronizing and indifferent regarding funding an account, US dollar issues, etc. I may still go ahead and think of opening, but there are definitely some red flags re: Reply Link Danel October 8,7: Random things would just not work details below. This has left me with an over-all impression that their platform is poorly done and a general worry that it will fail at the worst possible time.

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