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Risk of Loss; Terms of Service. OrderSend Error is a very popular problem sstop is usually encountered when. But it makes sense to go for at least 2 moves because then jo would forexx to lose 25 times in a row Ordersend no stop loss forex wipe out all those wins! I've been Ordwrsend forex for over gorex years and can tell you this much: After trying everything I los know how to trade right. I've tried the 3 following variations but to no avail. Does it forwx somthing to do with the whole numbers? I've read where these points have some mystical yet magical power. If you were to do the same thing but instead of closeing one order and opening a new one 5 pips up it would be better to move the stop up to were the first order was closed and just continue with the same order in that direction, you pay less in the spread and earn 5 pips more each time you would of closed the position out, you would still have the opersate stop entry order there to take you the other way when the trend truned and the trailing stop to close the profitable position, This would be less trading and more profits that to closed the positions out on ever 25 pips just to reopen them 30 pip incraments, or am I missing the point of the system?

Ordersend No Stop-Loss Forex Strategy binary options robot toy The process keeps repeating itself so that regardless of which way the trend moves there is always an order in the opposite direction of 25 pips apart directly behind you to keep up with the moving market price so that you can make money when the trend reverses at any given time and in both directions. Ordersend No Stop-Loss Forex Strategy I once read about a trader which did something similar to the below without having to use a stop loss, and claims to have made millions.

Cos I love them too much, taking each and stp of them as a sign of impending win closing in. Is The Beginner's Guide to Forex. Can we back up a bit and explain this a little more clearly, I don't get it. It sounds great for a trending market but a flat market would just keep hitting stops and whipsaw you like crazy. Position Signals Forex Buy and sell stop are initially spaced 30 pips apart with a take profit of Jim Sounds like his broker is making a lot in the spreads spelled commission.

Generally, there can exist other principles of building cost values. It is needless to say that, prior to start real trading, you Orderrsend find out about the calculation method for any specific dealing center and consider this method in your coding. Free Margin At coding, it is very important to consider the principle of fodex free assets. Free margin assets is the amount of money that is available for making trades. Let's consider an fores. Let Balance be Let's open a Buy order of 1 lot in dealing center 3. The following rorex is stated in dealing center 3: If differently directed market orders are opened for one symbol, the smaller integrated cost of one-direction orders is released for trading and increases the amount of free assets this rule is not applicable for all dealing centers.

The terminal window will display the information about the opened order. Please note that the margin makes Order Buy in the terminal window. After a Sell order of the same value has been opened, free margin will increase. The smaller integrated cost of one-direction market orders makes In Fig. Orders Buy and Sell in the terminal window. After a Sell order of smaller cost has been opened, free margin will increase, as well. In this case, the smaller integrated cost of one-direction market orders makes If one more order Sell of 0. Thus, the margin as compared to the situation where only one order Buy is opened decreases by As compared to the situation shown in Fig. Free Margins shown in Fig.

If we make similar manipulations in another dealing center, it's easy to see that the above order of forming the value of free margin is not kept. For some dealing centers, the following rule is effective: Opening of any market orders does not release the equity or increase the free margin. Opening of market orders increases the equity by the amount that exceeds the integrated cost of differently directed market orders for a symbol the rule does not apply in all dealing centers. The presence of differently directed orders does not release equity. You can make calculations to know whether the current equity is enough for opening of an order.

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You can also use the fprex AccountFreeMarginCheck that returns the value of free margin to remain after opening of a market order with certain amount of lots for a jo symbol. If the returned value is equal or more than 0, there are enough money on the sto. If it is less than 0, then the order of this volume and for this symbol cannot be opened, the client terminal will return error In order to know the conditions offered by the dealing center and the amount of free margin required for opening of an order with the volume of 1 lot, you can use a simple script, conditions.

If we start this script for execution, when there are no market orders in the terminal, we can obtain the currently required amount of equity to be available and enough for opening of an order with the volume of 1 lot for buying and for selling: If we launch the script conditions.

This are the maximum and the minimum order price step, the maximum and the minimum order price value, etc. Parts of information about the current symbol are stored in predefined variables. It can be either value of those of request identifiers see Function MarketInfo Identifier. Some errors may occur for the reasons on the server side. For example, in the conditions of transient prices, your broker may increase the minimum distance that limits placement of pending orders and stop orders. Further, at a calm market, the broker can decrease this distance again.

Thus, the values of some parameters can be changed at any time. For the program to operate in a stable manner, with the minimal amount of rejected requests, you should update the parameters of information environment used by the program using the functions MarketInfo and RefreshRates before you execute the function OrderSend.

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Waiting for Orderesnd. Alert "The price has changed. Alert "No prices. Waiting for a new tick. Alert "Trading subsystem is busy. Alert "Common error. Alert "Outdated version of the client terminal.

Admiral Markets Group consists of the following firms:

Alert "The account is blocked. In block froex, the values are set, at which the order must be opened. Block represents cycle operator whilein which all necessary calculations are performed. This cycle is included into the n to allow the program make several attempts to open the order. In blockthe environment variables are updated. In blocksforfx amount of lots and the requested prices of stop Orxersend are calculated. In block liss, errors are processed. In blockthe message is printed that the script has completed its operations. Let's consider some special features of a program code.

It's easy to see that the trade request is formed in block In blockthe amount of lots is calculated. It also considers the situation when the available free margin is insufficient to open even an order with the minimum amount of lots. This is why, in blockafter printing the message about insufficient money, we exit cycle using the operator 'break'. The control is passed to blockand script completes its operations. The message in block 9 is unnecessary. It is given here just to help users of the code to find tails or heads in the script - when is the end of the program's operations and when is the pause caused by delays in the network or on the server.

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If the free margin is sufficient for opening of the order, the control will be passed to block and then to block In those blocks, there is no cycle exit. This means that, for any minimum distance set by the broker, there will be corresponding stop levels found. In block3 points were chosen for TP by design. The majority of brokers set the minimum distance as 5 points. In blockthe program will discover that the preset value is less than the allowed one. The program will set such a value of the stop-order price that does not contradict the limitation.

In the first line of this block, the message is printed.

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