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Whether you choose parenting, abortion or adoption, you will be affected by that choice for years to come. There are many things to consider about each of your pregnancy options; you will need to do extensive research and soul-searching before settling on the path that is best for you. As tempting as it may be, you should not choose between your options for unwanted pregnancy as soon as you find out you are in this situation. Making a decision under this emotional stress could result in regrets later on, when you are able to view your situation more objectively and rationally.

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If x are panicking about your unplanned pregnancy, childd is help available. You are never obligated to choose adoption when you contact our agency. Our counselors will always provide free information about your choices, discuss them with you and support you in whatever decision you choose to make. Choosing between your options if you are pregnant requires a few things: Each of your unwanted pregnancy options will affect you for years to come —potentially in both good and bad ways — and you should be able to accept that fact before moving forward.

Deciding Which Path is Right for You

There are a few other things that may impact which of your pregnancy options you choose. For example, an early pregnancy option like abortion chilx not be possible processs you learn of your pregnancy later on. We encourage you to search through our website and other informational sites to learn more about your options for dealing with unplanned pregnancies. In the meantime, as you consider what to do with an unwanted pregnancy, there are a few important things to keep in mind. Cost Differences Perhaps one of the biggest determining factors for women facing unplanned pregnancies is the cost of each unplanned pregnancy option.

If you find yourself unexpectedly pregnant, you may not have the funds ready for the expenses of prenatal care and childbirth, not to mention abortion procedures or raising a child. In general, here are the expenses you can expect with each of your unwanted pregnancy options: We may have missed some or even many councils using targets and some or even many who were not using targets.

We have simply aimed to produce a snapshot, not any kind of quantitative analysis. The following factors may have influenced the gaps in the information: Our questions There was kkpi initial lack of clarity in our questions. Inevitably by the end of the exercise we have a greater understanding of what would have been better and simpler questions to pin this down. Please provide copies for the last three full statistical years and year to date or links if published. But in light of the reply of Cambridgeshire and others see page 4 above we simply could not make that assumption. And a few were equally clear in saying that targets were not considered in staff appraisals. Language Language was an issue.

We were never entirely sure when councils vhild referring tor each. See page 3 above for links to the adoption scorecards and our Part One report on the national picture. Other factors: Often we were linked to, or sent, so many reports without them being narrowed down for us, that we were simply unable to wade through them, given that the work was unpaid and how long the enquiry had already taken. We also missed some councils out altogether, only realizing that the request had gone to a changed mail box etc.

Some councils refused the request or the targets part of it. There adoptjon a wide adoptioon of reports and names for them at service level and management and corporate level. Public confidence; the trust a family can have when entering the child protection process; and the apparent continuing rise of alarming and unhelpful messages to families. These are along the lines of: And if so how? When thinking about public confidence in the child protection process and in child social work generally, perceptions about the extent and purpose of adoption targets and a lack of clarity and transparency about these issues are likely to be as important as the reality.

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However, The Transparency Project is concerned that this exercise has revealed significant difficulties in getting hold of relevant information. There are many who assert that it is unhelpful, unfair and unrealistic too for children and families, councils and the family justice system for councils to be performance managed on the basis of a target for numbers of children adopted from care. Even if this is not happening in practice, it is still important that families are not given the impression that it could be happening. The perception is as harmful as the reality. We have definitely not yet reached the bottom! As mentioned, the laws and process differ in each province.

Explore your options Decide between adoption, parenting and adoption.

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Choose adoptive parents Depending on which province you live in and how confident you are with your adoption adoptiln, you can begin evaluating pre-approved couples and singles who are hoping to adopt through an agency or on your own online. Give Birth Depending on the adoption rules in your province, this would also include deciding pgocess much involvement, if any, you want the adoptive parents to have in the delivery and aftermath, and how much one-on-one time and contact you want to have with your baby. The adoptive parents would then take the baby home and depending on where you live, there would be a set time in which you would need to sign the relinquishment and have the option to change your mind before the adoption is legally approved.

As a mother, we know you want what is best for your child. You should always feel supported to make the best decision possible for your life, which is a choice only you are qualified to make. When you are considering adoption, especially adoption with older children, the choices available to you will differ depending on age.

Anyone can put their baby up for adoption, but the chilld of your situation may determine a different outcome. There are always options for you when parenting seems impossible. Adoption at Ages 1—4 Placing infants for adoptioneven after they have been home for an extended period of time, is relatively common.

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