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We are here to answer your questions! Why is my platform not working? The connection green bars in the bottom right hand corner of the platform are an indication of a successful login. Green bars indicate you have logged in successfully, while red bars indicate you are not logged in. The main reason behind this error is trying to send more than on signal simultaneously to the servers. This will give some time for MT4 to update all necessary files on exit. When you close MT4 it will always update log files with the most recent messages.

meetatrader MetaQuotes are constantly improving their software. If for some reason you do not want to update your MT4 platform, I wrote an article on how to prevent MT4 from updating itself. Try to Login to Trading Account again. The third thing you can do is try to re-login to your trading account.

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Login, Password, and Server should already be filled in if you were proble,s in successfully last time. Tradingg, if any of the login information is metatrzder you will have to fill it in. This short blog post on how to find your MT4 login and password might help you. Simply check if you have the right login number and server selected. When you copy password or any other information from some text file or email, always make sure there is no extra space or other characters at the beginning or end of the password. Before you paste in a new password, I recommend you to clear the password input box. This helps you avoid confusion and actually know that you enter the newly copied password.

Make sure the password is actually copied in memory. There were times when my computer did not Forsx anything new into memory. It just kept holding some older text I copied an hour ago. Not sure what was the reason, but keep in mind that if you copy something into memory, it might be that it was not copied. Try to login using another server.

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First, make sure you know exactly what server to connect to. This information is usually provided by your broker after you register an account with them. Even though MetaTrader 4 is a strong high-quality platform, occasionally this error might pop up. This is due to the fact that MT4 requires the strong Internet connection. If you encountered the MT4 Common Error message, please proceed with following actions: Close all charts that are loading or appear frozen Close the platform itself and restart your PC Verify the connection signal. Even if you believe your Internet connection is good, still turn off the Wi-Fi router and let it be off for about half a minute.

Switch it back on. If you forgot your password, please check your e-mail that was provided during your registration in Trader's Room and find there a mail from MTrading that was sent to you confirming your registration — your login details were included in this e-mail. For the Demo accounts the server name must be MTrading-Demo. For real accounts the server name must be MTrading-Live. Please note that the Login for Metatrader 4 is your trading account number of M.

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Standard or M. Pro account. Your Investor's password is a read-only password probleks will let you view the movement of the markets but will not allow you to trade. Be sure that your Login and Password do not have any spaces or gaps before after them. MetaTrader 4 terminal indicates the 'Account is disabled' error.

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