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With the holiday season in December, volatility fluctuations slow down significantly, which is why only half of this month belongs to a profitable time of Curtency year. The trading siesta of the summer Have you heard the saying, "sell in May and go away"? For the most part of the world, especially in the Northern hemisphere Europe, the US, Canada, and northern Asian countriesmarket volatility stabilizes during the summer. This happens simply because the human factor comes into play: They make their comeback in September, which marks the resumption of all trading activities.

All in all, it is not recommended to trade in summer. The volumes are smaller wek normally, and, while there are occasional moves, ewdnesday are quite unpredictable and associated with high tradin. The best strategy for the summer is to plan a vacation, stop thinking about Forex trading for a while, and come back refreshed and ready for the new volumes, new market fluctuations, and new profits. As an alternative, you can try mini-trends, or dealing with smaller trading ranges in the summer. The summertime trading blues ends somewhere by the Labor Day, which is the first Monday in September.

This day marks the uprise of both weekly and seasonal volatility. Most can trade this session, providing they do not have to go to a job during the day.

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Europeans, however, need to be the ones to stay up late to trade this session, and the Asians are probably already in bed. Outside of the two best market sessions, there are two ths zones" to trade when two market sessions are both open at the same time called a session overlap. This session overlap represents a time of peak liquidity and it occurs twice: Hot Zone 1: The US-European Overlap 8: This overlap also coincides with the release of important economic numbers. Because of the overlap and economic importance, this period represents the times of greatest liquidity and movement in the markets, so pay careful attention to them.

Best months, weeks, and the best days to trade Forex

Hot Zone 2: The Asian-European Overlap 3: Important economic numbers from both continents are also released at this time. Unfortunately, that doesn't mean you should. To be efficient and capture the largest moves of the day, day traders hone in even further, often day trading only during a specific three to four-hour window. But not every global market actively trades every currency. Game Plan: What Strategy Should I Use? Many traders have been very unsuccessful trading these currencies during the volatile 6 AM to 2 PM time period.

ot Asia-Pacific currencies can be difficult tradinh range trade at any time of day, due to the fact that they tend to have less distinct periods of high and low volatility. Model Strategy: We studied over 30 million trades to help you become a more consistent trader. On page 4 of our Traits of Successful Traders Guidewe discuss the most common trading mistakes. First of all, it is bad for your health since you need to sleep and rest in order to be more alert and focused. Secondly, even though the market is shifting and changing and presenting you the chances for profit, it is not going to occur for the entire day.

Aiming for the overlap You are probably already aware Currebcy the major trading centers and the fact that they are scattered around in different time zones. Chrrency, it is up to you to decide tradung to trade Forexbut the general assumption and advice by the experienced Forex traders is to aim for trading when two sessions are overlapping. You have to know the exact timing when that happens in the time zone you live in and try to trade right then. It is not as complicated as it sounds — you simply have to organize yourself and your available trading time properly. Make a separate trading calendar and mark the top days to trade Forex alongside the time schedule and the sessions you plan on trading in for that day.

Monday is slow. Friday is unpredictable. Wednesday experiences a slight drop. London open 3 a.

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The U. The city ttrading has a big impact on currency fluctuations because the Bank of England, which sets interest rates and controls the monetary policy of the GBP, has its headquarters in London. Forex trends often originate in London as well, which is a great thing for technical traders to keep in mind. The week begins at 6 p.

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